Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8-7-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Doug Johnson: Harry Reid’s Claim Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes is an Attempt to Deflect Attention from Obama’s Record
2. Joseph Klein: UN Ignores Al-Qaeda Link to Syrian Rebels
3. Al Fadi: Islamic Sharia and Freedom of Expression
4. James Hirsen: Reality Shows Exploit Children

Harry Reid’s Claim Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes is an Attempt to Deflect Attention from Obama’s Record

The hypocrisy of Harry Reid's claim when his own candidate, President Obama, has more information sealed and kept hidden about his background than probably every president in U.S. history combined is deplorable. The outrageousness of the claim should be enough for any thinking voter to reject it and only remember which side stooped to such a level to besmirch the name of their competitor. Voters need to remember that Romney's been running for elective office for years with his eye on the presidency for a very long time. He’s known for running a clean, careful business operation. Why would a guy who's so successful and careful in his business life be so stupid as to not pay his taxes for ten years if he plans to run for president? [more...]

UN Ignores Al-Qaeda Link to Syrian Rebels

A day after Kofi Annan, the Joint Special Envoy for the UN and the League of Arab States for the Syrian Crisis, announced his decision to resign in frustration over the failure of the United Nations Security Council to pass a strong resolution that would enforce compliance with his six-point Syrian peace plan, Arab League members led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar went to the UN General Assembly for a symbolic vote on a resolution strongly condemning the Assad regime. The resolution said nothing about al Qaeda and other Islamist jihadists who are hijacking the armed opposition and committing their own atrocities. [more...]

Islamic Sharia and Freedom of Expression

Oftentimes we hear the rhetoric that Islamic Sharia Law is compatible with Western democracy and the U.S. Constitution. Many Muslim advocates of Sharia try to promote the notion that Islam provides adequate forms of democracy and freedom. However, the more one explores such claims, the more disturbing the findings become. Pakistan, for example, has a law that calls for the death penalty against anyone who blasphemes against the prophet of Islam. Many innocent people were victimized as a result of this law, often accused falsely by neighbors or colleagues without any proof. Some as a result have been imprisoned for years losing all forms of freedom. [more...]

Reality Shows Exploit Children

When first created back in 1972 by NASA and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, The Learning Channel made its cable television debut as an educational network. In 1991, The Discovery Channel acquired The Learning Channel, which is now called TLC; however, the public perception of the cable channel was then, and for many who have not had a recent opportunity to tune in still is, primarily that of an educational network. The idea of today’s TLC mainly being educationally oriented could be considered absurd, perhaps even laughable, in light of the dubious content of its current programming lineup. TLC s “Toddlers & Tiaras” is a reality show that overtly exploits young children of the tender 3-to-5 age group. [more...] Watch James on Fox & Friends this week.

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