Thursday, August 23, 2012

8-23-12 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Al Fadi: Why the Obama Administration is Perfect for the Muslim Brotherhood
2. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare Unmasked
3. Kyle Olson: Chicago Teachers Union Attacks Founding Bloggers and Filmmaker Andrew Marcus
4. Ronald Kessler: Former FBI Official: Trip Wires are Foiling Plots

Why the Obama Administration is Perfect for the Muslim Brotherhood

As a former radical Muslim who once had aspirations to fight as a jihadist against the enemies of Allah, I find it disheartening when I hear or read about the many venues of support that the Obama Administration has made in the past or is making available to the Muslim Brotherhood - a radical Islamic group that aims for world domination, Islamic Caliphate resurrection, Sharia law implementation, Jihad implementation, and the destruction of the enemies of Allah, which includes America. Since 2008, it has become apparent that the Muslim Brotherhood is being dealt with in a special way with so many amenities and privileges being granted to them. Such privileges include access to or even employment in many sensitive government positions dealing with national security. Many other external signs support this new disturbing trend, such as access to the Egyptian presidency when the Obama Administration pulled the plug on Mubarak, a long time regional ally. [more...]

Obamacare Unmasked

When Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed new legislation requiring that all healthcare providers, in order to be licensed, register with a state board with the power to rewrite provider contracts with insurance companies; mandate what fees providers could charge; and punish physicians with a $500,000 fine for 'spending too much money on their patients,' it became clear where the Affordable Care Act will eventually lead. It was never about affordable and accessible healthcare. One only has to look at what has happened in Massachusetts (increased healthcare costs, limited access for patients, and the destruction of independent physicians dedicated to individualized patient care) to know that it was unsustainable. Why would this system be the template for Obamacare... unless the ultimate goal is a centralized quasi corporate healthcare system designed to transfer independence and power from doctors and patients to the government via regulations and compliance. [more...]

Chicago Teachers Union Attacks Founding Bloggers and Filmmaker Andrew Marcus

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus (Director of the motion picture Hating Breitbart to be released this fall), is the subject of a new attack video produced by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU).  Marcus directed a short documentary entitled “A Tale of Two Missions” for the Education Action Group (EAG). The documentary examines the reform battle being waged in Chicago between advocates for school choice and the CTU. The film stars Juan Williams and features a candid interview with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The CTU describes Marcus as a writer for a “right wing radical extremist blog” and further asserts that because education reform groups are working with people like Marcus, they’re guilty of associating with radicals. Is CTU suggesting that Juan Williams and Mayor Emanuel are radical extremists for their participation in the documentary? [more...]

Former FBI Official: Trip Wires are Foiling Plots
By Ronald Kessler

Trip wires developed by the FBI to warn of threats are rolling up terrorist plots and saving lives, Dr. Vahid Majidi, the former assistant FBI director in charge of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, tells Newsmax. To devise trip wires, the FBI in effect reverse-engineered a terrorist operation. It looked at a potential terrorist incident and then worked backwards to pinpoint all the elements a terrorist might require to achieve his goal. The FBI then had a roadmap of possible clues to an impending plot. [more...]

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