Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8-28-12 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Ronald Kessler: Dave Keene: Romney Will Win by 5 to 7 Points
2. Al Fadi: The Muslim Brotherhood: A Global Threat, A Regional Dilemma
3. Joseph Klein: Ban Ki-Moon’s Neville Chamberlain Moment

Dave Keene: Romney Will Win by 5 to 7 Points

As the GOP convention begins here, Mitt Romney is well positioned to win the presidency and should pull it off by five to seven percentage points, Dave Keene, former chairman of the American Conservative Union, tells Newsmax. "For all of the money that President Obama is spending - and he is burning it at a very rapid rate - he doesn't seem to be making much progress," Keene says. "It is still very, very close between the two of them, and I think with the GOP convention, Romney will probably get a four to five point jump, and people will take a new look at him after the convention." [more...]

The Muslim Brotherhood: A Global Threat, A Regional Dilemma

Not that long ago the Muslim Brotherhood was an obscure name to the global community until just recently with the unfolding events in Egypt during the Arab Spring revolution. Many are not aware of the existence of this organization which has lasted for over 82 years - initially rising as a religious reformation movement, then advancing as a political organization, and finally culminating into a ruling party in Egypt for the first time in its history. The very reason that led to the Muslim Brotherhood inception should be of concern to the global community. After all, their motive was to reform Islam back to its original roots which include Jihad, Sharia, global domination, and the establishment of Caliphate (the first system of government established in Islam), among other things. [more...]

Ban Ki-Moon’s Neville Chamberlain Moment

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon succumbed to pressure from Iran and its anti-American allies by deciding to attend a summit meeting in Tehran later this week of the 120-member "Non-Aligned Movement." Iran is heralding Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Tehran as proof positive of its unbowed diplomatic prowess. Israel and the United States tried to dissuade Ban Ki-moon from attending, but to no avail. "The extraordinary effort that the Iranian leaders have put into the summit is intended to showcase Iran’s global role and offer concrete evidence that the U.S. policy of isolating Iran has failed," said Farideh Farhi, an independent Iranian scholar at the University of Hawaii, as quoted by the New York Times. [more...]

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