Friday, August 10, 2012

8-10-12 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Ronald Kessler: Calls for Tougher Romney are Misguided
2. Kyle Olson: Big Labor Not Kicking in for the Dem Convention in North Carolina
3. Doug Johnson: The Latest Unsubstantiated Attack on Romney
4. Ryan Mauro: Jihadists Take Aim at Egyptian Military

Calls for Tougher Romney are Misguided

Some conservatives are pushing for Mitt Romney to punch harder at President Obama. They forget that for all his failures as president, Obama is well liked. He is the celebrity president, cool and debonair. If Romney began attacking Obama in a more personal way, he would turn off many voters and undermine his own image as the experienced, competent, unflappable adult in the race. Moreover, it is not in Romney’s DNA to respond in a nasty or belligerent manner. As a Mormon, he does not swear. In keeping with the values of his religion, he is modest. And as a businessman, he is not given to the rhetorical excesses of most politicians. But Romney is no wimp, as Newsweek recently claimed. He is highly competitive. [more...]

Big Labor Not Kicking in for the Dem Convention in North Carolina

Big Labor has traditionally been the life blood of the Democratic Party. The party owes everything it has to unions. The two have become one. So when the party decided to hold its convention in Charlotte, North Carolina - a right-to-work city and state - it committed a grave sin. The Democrats clearly upset their chief fundraising and manpower source. And now that the party is lagging in fundraising and is trying to line up some last-minute support for its convention, unions aren’t answering the call. [more...]

The Latest Unsubstantiated Attack on Romney

Another attack on Mitt Romney has surfaced to lead people to believe unproven allegations. Peter Canellos and Edward Kleinbard have introduced the idea that Mitt Romney’s personal tax returns are hiding something because of a tax shelter utilized by Marriott during the 1990s when Romney was chairman of the audit committee for the firm. Marriott utilized a tax shelter known as Son of Boss and as chairman of the audit committee Romney was required to sign off on Marriott’s actions. The IRS, the authors state, considered the shelter abusive and successfully challenged the use of it by some companies. Canellos and Kleinbard try to link the idea that since Marriott chose to utilize this type of tax shelter that it implies that Romney probably has things in his personal taxes that should be questioned, therefore it is important for him to release his tax returns. [more...]

Jihadists Take Aim at Egyptian Military

Sixteen Egyptian soldiers are dead after unidentified jihadists carried out a terrorist attack in the Sinai Peninsula, striking at the only institution standing in the way of an Islamist takeover of Egypt. The assailants were stopped as they entered Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood predictably accused Israeli intelligence of being responsible for the massacre, but all indications point to Al-Qaeda-type jihadists. [more...]

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