Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7-30-13 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Elaina George: Obamacare's Cost of Control
2. Joseph Klein: The Illusion of Peace Negotiations
3. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: The Media's Truth about the "Phony Scandals"
4. Mitchell Zuckoff: Return to Greenland - No Man Left Behind
5. Wayne Allyn Root: My George Zimmerman Moment

Obamacare's Cost of Control

There is a strong push currently being made by advocates of Obamacare to convince Americans it is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. Even celebrities are being trotted out by the White House to tell us how lucky we are to be forced into a system that is both built on promises that were never intended to be kept, and one that is ethically and morally bankrupt that they - members of Congress and other cronies of the elite - will never have to use. The truth about Obamacare that no one will tell you is it is NOT about healthcare; it is about centralized government control. Obamacare is a corrupt scheme that has fooled Americans into entering a system that will limit their healthcare choices, encroach upon their freedom, rob them of their hard earned money, and destroy their privacy. [more... ]

The Illusion of Peace Negotiations

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are in Washington this week to meet face to face under State Department auspices. Although the talks are focusing initially on procedural issues rather than any substantive matters, Secretary of State John Kerry hailed their resumption as a major accomplishment. In announcing the appointment of Martin Indyk, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, as the U.S. Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations during a press briefing Monday morning, Kerry praised "the courageous leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas" and "their willingness to make difficult decisions." [more...]

The Media's Truth about the "Phony Scandals"

Earlier in the year, the Obama Administration was accused of involvement in two major scandals, which the President has since referred to as "phony scandals": the Benghazi attack that cost four American lives, and the IRS systematically targeting and harassing Conservative groups. Incredibly, the country’s ostensibly impartial law-enforcement apparatus was being used as a cudgel to beat down opponents of the party in power.  Such goings on, typical of a Third World dictatorship, shake the very foundations of the U.S.’s democracy. These two stories are of MAJOR importance to the USA, yet, to date, what actually transpired in both cases remains unknown. What part does the mainstream media play in perpetuating the "phony" message?  [more...]

Return to Greenland - No Man Left Behind

We returned to Greenland on Sunday, July 28, with the goal of recovering the remains of three World War II heroes featured in my new book, "Frozen in Time." Our targets are Lieutenant John Pritchard and Radioman Benjamin Bottoms of the Coast Guard, and Corporal Loren Howarth of the Army Air Forces. The three men disappeared November 29, 1942, when their Grumman Duck amphibious plane disappeared in a storm. We intend to dig, carve and melt through 70 million pounds of glacial ice to bring them home. The mission is the result of a remarkable public-private partnership that includes the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC); the U.S. Coast Guard; and a private expedition company, North South Polar Inc. Many of the remarkable individuals featured in "Frozen in Time" will be back for this year's mission, along with some new faces whom I'll introduce along the way. Follow the Mission on boston.com.

My George Zimmerman Moment

I see the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case very differently. For me it was never about black or white. It was always about life or death - for George Zimmerman. You see, thirty-six years ago I was George Zimmerman. Thirty-six years ago I almost died in a life or death struggle eerily similar to George Zimmerman's confrontation. Let me tell you the story. [more...]

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