Monday, July 1, 2013

The Underlying Agenda of "White House Down"

A humbling $26 million take has landed the recently released Sony film, "White House Down," in fourth place for the weekend's box office. The movie's underachieving status is perhaps an indication that the public is not currently in sync with those in Hollywood who subscribe to a liberal agenda and who tangentially pledge allegiance to the current administration.

With a $150 million budget and A-list cast, rather than being the enjoyable Fourth of July blockbuster that the studio had intended, "White House Down" turns out to be an infantile far-left fantasy dressed up as a string of "Die Hard"-style action sequences. Sony Pictures and director Roland Emmerich have put together a film with a story line that could easily have been penned by any number of the left-leaning hosts that occupy the MSNBC cable television studios. [more...]

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