Thursday, July 25, 2013

7-25-13 Updates

Broke? Chicago school budget would increase spending by nearly 10 percent!

For all of the panicky rhetoric coming out of Chicago, one would think the school district is on the verge of financial collapse. Indeed, the Chicago Tribune recently published an editorial announcing that the financial emergency for CPS has arrived. That may very well be, but one would never know it from the proposed increase in spending of nearly 10 percent. [more...]

Chicago union teachers, students travel to Honduras to discuss U.S. 'revolution'

By the looks of things, Chicago’s education system must be in tip-top shape. Why else would members of the Chicago Teachers Unions be jetting around the world and focusing on global issues rather than the academic issues facing their district? For two weeks at the end of June, about 20 teachers and students traveled to Honduras to meet with their teachers union counterparts from that country, to learn about the "Honduran resistance movement,” and meet with the deposed former president, Mel Zelaya, according to an account posted on Honduras Resists. The published account states members of the CTU met with Zelaya to exchange ideas "about the struggle for a world where human lives have more value than private profit." [more...]

Teacher: 'Rednecks hold their heads a little higher' after Zimmerman verdict

When students return to classrooms this fall, a healthy number of them will discuss the recent George Zimmerman trial and acquittal, which many activist teachers believe was an "injustice." So how will the activists teach about it?, a self-described "women's website," recently asked several teachers for reaction. "Rednecks are holding their heads a little higher and tapping the guns on their holsters eager for a stand your ground moment," said one anonymous teacher from Alabama. [more...]

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