Monday, July 29, 2013

NBC Helps Ready the Political Stage for a Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

Always available to assist the liberal candidate du jour, the entertainment industry and mainstream media are engaged in an apparent early effort to sway public opinion with regard to the expected 2016 presidential run of Hillary Clinton.

This time around, in the preconditioning endeavor, NBC is taking the lead for Hollywood. The Peacock Network is currently involved in the development of a four-hour primetime miniseries about Mrs. Clinton.

The timing of the project may seem a bit early to some, but the details have apparently been thoroughly thought through, as evidenced by Robert Greenblatt’s recent revelation at a presentation to the Television Critics Association, in which the top NBC entertainment executive suggested that the network is seeking to avoid the possibility of rival candidates demanding equal time. To avoid the potential problem, Greenblatt indicated that the parties involved in the production would be shooting for a broadcast date that would occur prior to Mrs. Clinton’s formal declaration of candidacy. [more...]

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