Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Obama Jobs Plan: Hire Criminals?

If there was any doubt that Obama is hostile to business and out to damage capitalism, this story should settle it. On April 15th during an interview on Fox News, I reported that President Obama had put 6,118 new regulations in place in just the first 90 days of 2013. Well guess what? It’s gotten worse.

Since then, Obama has cracked the whip at his government-run lawyer sweatshops. The productivity of his job killing lawyers and bureaucrats is up from 68 to 72 new regulations per day. That’s very bad news for the productivity of the rest of us. Because history proves that government + lawyers + more regulations = death of the economy.

Why are there no jobs? Why does the economy only move sideways? Why are American workers' wages stuck in quicksand? Why did one of America’s largest law firms just yesterday announce massive layoffs and salary reductions? The answer is Obama. His rules and regulations are killing the spirit of American business. But this was all child’s play compared to Obama’s newest directive. [more...]

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