Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are Key Republican Leaders in D.C. Being Blackmailed?

Are key Republican leaders in D.C. from the Senate, House and Supreme Court being blackmailed? Tell me you haven't thought the exact same thing. Something is very wrong.

How is it possible that the GOP - the party that won in a massive historic landslide - gained nothing and won nothing? Not one victory. Zero. Zilch. Not only did Obama’s party lose badly, they lost everywhere from top to bottom: the Senate, the House, state legislatures, mayors, governors - you name it. They lost the Governorships of deep blue Maryland and Massachusetts. They were destroyed. 

And it was all about Obama. He wasn’t defeated - he was repudiated. Democrat Senate candidates refused his help. Democrats would not stand next to him on the same stage. But since then, conservatives have lost everything. Name something we won or achieved after that smashing victory? Name one thing. Name anything. I dare you.

What’s happening just isn’t normal. Please tell me how it's possible that President Obama and his socialist cabal suffered the most massive and historic defeat in modern political history only 9 months ago - yet, since then, they’ve gotten everything they've ever wanted handed to them on a silver platter. Does that make sense to you? [more...]

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