Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7-15-15 Expert Guests Available for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Update - The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement
2. Stephani Scruggs: Boehner Spent July 4th Promising Amnesty to Foreign Government Officials
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Greece - €86 Billion Euro Later
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Ten Reasons the Iran Deal is bad for America
5. Joseph Klein: Obama's Iran Nuke Deal Lies

Update - The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement

The State Department will report its annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report this week. The report is expected to reveal an upgrade on Malaysia’s current Tier 3 status, which represents an abysmal ranking in the area of slavery and human trafficking. Opponents to this move are citing the Obama administration’s desire to make Malaysia’s inclusion in the TPP more palatable to U.S. voters. Since last year’s downgrade to Tier 3 status, research has revealed additional evidence of Malaysian slavery in the area of electronics manufacturing, and discoveries of mass graves in migrant trafficking camps. [more...]

Boehner Spent July 4th Promising Amnesty to Foreign Government Officials

While we were celebrating Independence Day here in America, John Boehner spent the 4th of July in a foreign country promising Amnesty to a foreign Chamber of Commerce and foreign government officials.  In an article published late on July 4, 2015, Arthur Beesly of the Irish Times reported: "The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, has told a Dublin audience of his determination to overcome Republican resistance to immigration reform." The Irish Times went on to quote Irish governmental Chief Enda Kenny as telling Boehner "I think you understand, just get it done." [more...]

Greece - €86 Billion Euro Later

After 17 hours of negotiation, Greece accepted a bailout plan to the tune of €86 billion euro. The settlement set forth by Greece's three creditors, "the troika," is harsh, but it needs to be. European Commission, IMF, and ECB officials are wary of Greece's commitment to repaying debt, and structured a deal which left very little room for Greece to wiggle out. If Greece avoids its required payments, or deviates from the settlement, near-automatic spending cuts will be activated. Greek parliament votes on the settlement this week - the three creditor institutions will then formalize and institute the plans. Here are the key points to the settlement package: Greece must simplify its tax code and expand its VAT. To mitigate the negative effects of widely increasing taxes, €35 billion euro from the EU will become available for economic stimulus. [more...]

Ten Reasons the Iran Deal is bad for America

Six global powers and Iran have made an agreement dealing with Iran's nuclear future and sanctions.  Without question, the deal places America, Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world at grave risk.  There is no need for America to go out on a limb and take this enormous risk.  This is simply a bad deal for America, quite possibly the most dangerous agreement America has made in its 239 years of history.  Let's list just 10 reasons why the Iran deal is bad for America now... [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Obama's Iran Nuke Deal Lies

As is so often the case, President Obama is misleading the American people. The fact is there will be no 24/7 "anywhere, anytime" inspections allowed of undeclared suspicious sites. The fine print of the final JCPOA agreement provides Iran with the means to delay any inspections of undeclared suspected sites requested by the IAEA. Iran is empowered to raise objections to inspections of suspected sites, which would then have to be assessed by a commission that includes Iran itself as a member. Iran will thus have opportunities to exploit the mechanisms for international verification inspections, allowing it to rotate its covert nuclear arms activities from secret site to secret site during a protracted dispute resolution process... [more...]

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