Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7-28-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Richard Mgrdechian: Conservatives' Dilemma - Appealing to the Younger Generation
2. Lowell Ponte: Texas Just Sent a Huge Message to Obama and the Federal Government
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Trump's Mouth is a Nuclear Weapon
4. Joe Messina: Planned Parenthood's Excuse-Making
5. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will New Immigrants Impact Future Elections?
6. Crista Huff: Update - The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement

Conservatives' Dilemma - Appealing to the Younger Generation

The biggest problem Conservatives face in any election is appealing to younger people; reaching the younger demographic has always been a major weaknes. They need to recognize that the swing vote in every election is the younger demographic and the only way to get that vote is by changing people’s perception of what is cool. If conservatives can’t do that, everything else they do is a complete waste of time. Spending millions of dollars on GIFFs won’t do anything except pad the pockets of a few graphic artists and give the Left more fodder to ridicule just how out of touch the GOP really is. [more...]

Texas Just Sent a Huge Message to Obama and the Federal Government

A new kind of "bank" is being born that might break the money monopoly of the Federal Reserve, thwart President Barack Obama's takeover of our banks, and restore honest money in America. In this bank, your hard-earned savings are secured not in ever-inflating dollars, but in gold, silver or other precious metals. Your bills can be paid by electronically transferring not dollars but quantities of gold with others who have accounts there. And if President Obama attempts the government's new "bail-ins," like those in Cyprus and Greece confiscating deposits to pay bank debts, the State of Texas promises to block any federal attempt to seize your account. [more...]

Trump's Mouth is a Nuclear Weapon

America has two big problems. America is under attack by a vicious one-two combination. America has been ruined by two parties. And Donald Trump’s mouth solves both problems. The Democrat Party is filled with frauds (see President Barack Obama, Jonathan Gruber and the lies used to sell Obamacare); traitors (see Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry and the new Iran nuclear treaty); thieves and conmen (see the scandal involving $2 billion donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state); reckless wasters of taxpayer money (see Obama's Kenya trip that cost us over $50 million dollars for one day in a country that offers America NOTHING ); and outright criminals (see Hillary's upcoming criminal investigation and Obama's use of the IRS to target, persecute and even attempt to imprison political opponents and critics). But the GOP may be worse. The only way to save America is to bring a nuclear weapon to a gun fight... and Donald Trump's mouth is a nuclear weapon. [more...]

Planned Parenthood's Excuse-Making

Looking at how the Left consistently calls out the Right about how it hates blacks and women and the LGBTQ community and how unacceptable it is that a baker won't bake a cake for a same sex couple. How is it they never have a strong word about their own? Take, for instance, something as heinous as Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts. The Left's comments should at a minimum start with, "If that's what is actually happening, it's disgusting and someone should be punished for it." But, no, what they say instead is something akin to, "I can't believe an organization would trick the Planned Parenthood employee into telling them what's really happening" or "We didn't technically do anything illegal." Oh, where to begin... [more...]

Will New Immigrants Impact Future Elections?

Right now, the Federal government permits somewhere between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens to live in the U.S.  In addition, the government allows over another one million immigrants to enter the U.S. every year.  Plus, the government has NO LIMIT on immediate family members of aliens allowed into the country.  The one million green cards are used for workers, refugees and dependents.  There are also another 500,000 foreign immigrants sought by college administrators.  That's a lot of immigration.  In fact, out of all worldwide migrants, 20% come to the U.S.  It might seem surprising at first that about 32 million immigrants have come into the U.S. in the last three decades.  The question is, will the new immigrants impact future elections?  [Go here for a complete analysis...]

Update - The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement

The annual State Department Trafficking in Persons report was released yesterday. Cynics expected Malaysia to be raised from Tier 3 status - the most egregious of the potential rankings - to accommodate its image as an acceptable TPP partner country, and they were correct. Malaysia is now ranked on the Tier 2 Watch List. "After a July 8 Reuters report on plans to upgrade Malaysia, 160 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and 18 U.S. senators wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to keep Malaysia on Tier 3. They said there was no justification for an upgrade and questioned whether the plan was motivated by a desire to keep the country in the TPP," reported Reuters. [more...]

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