Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trump Trumps All

Trump takes the lead. New polls indicate that Trump has a commanding 7% lead in New Hampshire, the first Primary state. The NBC/Marist poll also placed Trump only 2% behind Scott Walker, in Iowa, but with a margin of error at 3.2%, the Buckeye state is still neck and neck. A recent CNN poll placed Trump as the frontrunner nationally, too, with 18% of votes; and if CNN, the core of the liberal media, concedes Trump is winning, then he must be doing well.

Trump’s competitors have resorted to petty name-calling in failing efforts to claim top poll spots: A fundraiser for Scott Walker, one of Trump’s closest rivals, called the billionaire "dumb-dumb;" Lindsey Graham, another Republican hopeful, publicly stated Trump was a "jackass;" and, to top it off, John McCain insulted the millions of Americans supporting Trump by calling them "crazies." McCain, Graham and Walker should be ashamed to be involved in such childlike name-calling.

It is clear that Trump is going to continue to build steam throughout this election. The August 6th Republican Primary will undoubtedly show how much more Trump has to offer over his competitors. He is an honest, refreshing, successful entrepreneur who is ready for the Oval Office. [more...]

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