Friday, July 10, 2015

The Confederate Flag Comes Down... Now Deal With the Real Problems of Equality

By Howard Comen [Reporting from Charleston, SC]

"While we agree with Governor Haley and the 36 State Senators and 94 House members that voted to take the flag down, we must redirect our attention to the real racial problems. The flag is only the Southern symbol of inequality that has limited equal education, equal justice, and equal economic opportunity. This problem is not a Southern problem, it is a national disgrace," say members of Interfaith Partners of South Carolina.

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Have your day in the sun. Celebrate the symbolic defeat of Hate over Heritage in the old south. Have your Kumbaya moments like what originated on the Gullah sea islands of South Carolina.

The terrible tragedy at Mother Emanuel and the grace and Christian spirit of the families of those murdered deserve more than a bunch of political and clergy photo ops decrying the flag and the final defeat of the symbol of the confederacy 

Fine, but you'd better attack the continuing slave racist mentality of under education, a justice system that sucks in young black men, and an economic system that welcomes black dollars but not black economic opportunity. [more...] 

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