Thursday, October 1, 2015

10-1-15 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Joseph Klein: Obama's Foreign Policy of Fantasies
2. Dave Bego: Card Check Close to Reality
3. Wayne Allyn Root: With Tax Plan, Donald is the New Ronald
4. Daniel Greenfield: Obama Loses Another War that He "Ended"

Obama's Foreign Policy of Fantasies

Obama continued his feckless foreign policy charade at the UN on September 29th. He chaired what was billed as "The Leaders' Summit on Countering ISIL and Violent Extremism," and he met with Cuban President Raul Castro. At the summit, Obama claimed major progress in rolling back the Islamic State (or ISIL, as he refers to the jihadist caliphate occupying large portions of Syria and Iraq). By now, the president is certainly aware of the reported complaint, backed by 52 defense analysts, to the Pentagon’s inspector general, which alleged that intelligence reports on the war against the Islamic State were doctored in order to support the Obama administration’s claims that the fighting was going well. Some of these doctored reports were reportedly used to brief the president and other high government officials, telling them what they wanted to hear. The defense analysts, who are career professionals, have painted a far more pessimistic picture of the fight so far than the Obama administration wants the public to believe. Nevertheless, while Obama acknowledged at the summit that the Islamic State fighters are "resilient" and that there will be some setbacks along with successes, he continued the false narrative that the Islamic State is in retreat. The fact is that Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of Obama’s lack of leadership in the fight against ISIL.  Putin is taking the lead himself, providing direct military support to the Syrian regime and building his own coalition including Iraq and Iran. [more...]

Card Check Close to Reality

Over the past six months, and throughout the remainder of his term, President Obama will continue his agenda to divide and conquer the American people. One of his major weapons will be imposed by Card Check, which will allow his "buddies," the big labor bosses, to force unionize businesses of all sizes across the country. The net result will be major dollars through union dues being channeled to the President and his far left progressive supporters to gain political control of our country and fundamentally convert it to a socialistic/totalitarian regime. [more...]

With Tax Plan, Donald is the New Ronald

Someone finally listened. I've been searching for the new Ronald Reagan to "Make America Great Again." I've argued in my last four books and hundreds of commentaries that taxes are too damn high on America's risk-takers, job creators and business owners. I've pleaded for a dramatic Reagan-esque tax cut to supercharge the economy and create millions of new jobs. I've been searching for a president who would reward the economic engine of America - SMALL BUSINESS - and reward the people who value work ethic, personal responsibility and rugged individualism, over cradle-to-grave government dependency. That was how Reagan created the greatest economic expansion in world history, by incentivizing the only people who matter to an economy - the business owners, financial risk-takers and job creators. I think we just found our new Reagan. His name is Donald Trump and his tax plan is Reagan squared. [more...]

Check out Wayne's new book, The Power of RELENTLESS.

Obama Loses Another War that He "Ended"

A day after the Taliban had overrun the city of Kunduz, Obama told the UN that "Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they're defeated by better ideas." The better idea that the Taliban had was fighting a war with guns, while Obama was still searching through his hashtags for a better idea than a bullet. Instead of convening a summit on "countering violent extremism," the Taliban retook the last of their cities to fall to the United States. In a single day in September, the Taliban had captured a city of a few hundred thousand people. Tajikistan saw the fall of Kunduz coming months ago, but Obama’s vaunted intel operation was too busy cooking the books to make it seem as if he was winning in Iraq to waste time lying about another war. In March, Obama was crediting himself with having shifted the momentum against the Taliban. Now the Taliban have shown him which way the momentum had really shifted. [more...]

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