Thursday, October 22, 2015

10-22-15 Expert Guests Available for Your Show

1. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Hillary on Benghazi
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Proof our Southern Border is Under Attack by Muslim Extremists
3. "Coach" Ron Tunick: The Dumbing Down of America
4. Andrew Bostom: Netanyahu on Palestinian Muslims as Willing Jew Executioners
5. Daniel Greenfield: Hillary's Libyan Lies

Hillary on Benghazi

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released earlier this week indicated 44% of Americans polled are not satisfied with Hillary’s response regarding Benghazi, while only 27% feel they are; 28% of voters felt they do not know enough about the matter. A successful effort by the committee should satisfy the 44% of voters, while also further informing the 28% who feel they do not have enough information. The Committee on Benghazi is also investigating Hillary’s personal e-mail use and if and how it factored into her management of the attack. Here, American opinion is split on the issue of "e-mailgate;" 47% of voters in the same NBC/Wall Street Journal poll feel Hillary’s personal e-mail use is a factor in her presidential run, while 44% feel it is not. Overall, Hillary’s hearing before the committee will hopefully shed more light on the incident; however, for an issue that has now drawn on longer than Watergate, America could very well witness much more debate regarding Benghazi. [more...]

Proof our Southern Border is Under Attack by Muslim Extremists

America is in deep trouble. Your families are in grave danger... imminent danger. I have breaking news that has been shared by a border agent with only me. The question is: Why isn’t your government sharing this threat with the American people? And why aren’t major mainstream news organizations reporting on it; why is there a media blackout? The breaking news that I’m talking about is the grave imminent danger of radical Muslim terrorists crossing our open border with Mexico to attack our homeland. I've warned this was likely happening in hundreds of media interviews, speeches and columns for over a year now. My prediction is no longer a fear... it is now a fact. [more...]

The Dumbing Down of America

We still teach most kids the same way we did fifty years ago. But the curriculum is NOT working because college grads are NOT getting the jobs they want; they are NOT qualified because their skills are lacking big time. If you have money, you can buy a better education but most of us have to figure it out on our own. The rising cost of college tuition is very expensive and the loans that these college kids take out require almost a lifetime to pay back. Why? Because college graduates do not make enough money in the first ten years to pay off the student loans. Plus all the BIG promises about earning more than the less educated appear to be overstated. The real work experience required to live in the world and the dumbing down of the current curriculum are not working in today’s modern society. We need a NEW learning model to compete in the world economy. Knowledge is the key to earning power and the right knowledge is the key to making money. [more...]

Netanyahu on Palestinian Muslims as Willing Jew Executioners

During a speech on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appropriately decried the "apologetics" which have minimized the role played by ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, founder of the modern Palestinian Muslim movement, in fomenting genocidal Islamic Jew hatred. Netanyahu made these simple, irrefragable points, demonstrating how from the 1920s through the World War II era, the father of the Palestinians at that time, with no [Jewish] state and no so-called "occupation," no territories and no settlements, already sought, through systematic incitement, to annihilate the Jews. Regrettably, Hajj Amin el-Husseini is still a venerated figure in Palestinian society; he appears in study books and is exalted as the father of the nation, and this incitement that began then, incitement to kill Jews, continues. [Go here for the complete story...]

Hillary's Libyan Lies

Hillary Clinton has only one accomplishment - the Libyan War. Bombing Libya in support of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover was Hillary’s pet project. Obama unenthusiastically signed off on a war that he had told members of Congress "is all Secretary Clinton's matter." The Pentagon fought Hillary’s illegal war every step of the way. Both the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs opposed Hillary’s plan to bomb Libya. One of the Chairman's top aides said that he did not trust the reports coming out of the State Department and the CIA, then controlled by Clinton loyalist Leon Panetta. When it was clear that the Clintonites had gotten their war on, an irritated Secretary of Defense Gates resigned after failing to stop Hillary's war and was replaced by Panetta. [more...]

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