Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Palestinian Clerics, Citing Muhammad's Murderous Example, Call for Jihad Genocide of the Jews

The ongoing wave of murderous, knife-wielding jihad terror attacks by Palestinian Muslims against Israeli Jews has been punctuated by two ghoulish, closely related phenomena of incitement: the launching of social media hashtags such as Poison the Knife Before You Stab, or Slaughtering the Jews, and the repetition by Palestinian Muslim clerics [here; here] of Islam's canonical Jew-hating motifs, sanctioning a jihad genocide of Israeli Jews. Notwithstanding the shocking barbarity of such vox populi social media hashtags, the Muslim clerical imprimatur given to these wanton killings of Jews is far more insidious, and pathognomonic of a mainstream Islamic religio-political depravity willfully ignored by media, religious, and political leaders, worldwide. [Go here for the complete story...]

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