Thursday, October 15, 2015

Free College is Like Fool's Gold

The Democrat candidates all believe it's a great idea to offer free college; they spoke out at the debates against capitalism.  But free college is like fool's gold. The progressives and anti-capitalists want trophies and FREE education plus a chicken in every pot. Did FREE anything build this country? I don't think so. Our competitive capitalist culture built the best of everything.

You pay for what you get and FREE education is NOT the answer. The answer is creating an educational system that teaches kids how to make a living - how to communicate in the real world and how to work and be productive to make a profit. Better yet, teaching kids how to start and build a business venture from the ground up that will be profitable to them and society.

Who is going to pay for this FREE education the Democrat candidates are talking about? I hear the cry now - soak the rich. If it were not for the rich, how would charity work?  Look at almost any other country where FREE is part of the culture and you'll see long lines for basic services. You want FREE?  Move to those countries! [more...]

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