Thursday, October 29, 2015

10-29-15 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Joe Messina: What Really Matters?
2. "Coach" Ron Tunick: Blame the Parents, Not the Schools
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Why Only Donald Trump Can Beat Hillary
4. Howard Comen: The War in Our Schools between Students, Teachers and Administrators
5. Andrew Bostom: Judaism and Islam as Opposites

What Really Matters?

Every aspect of life, every value, every good and decent thing that this country stands for is not only being challenged, but is being viciously attacked, and mostly by people who want things they usually don’t deserve or haven’t worked for. Take the Black Lives Matter group. Are they interested in truth and justice? For the most part, NO! As we've since found out, the U.S. Justice Department (headed up by a black attorney general and a black president) reports that "Hands up! Don't shoot!" was a lie - a false mantra - and yet the Left still supports that lie! At least a dozen black police officers have been shot and killed this year. Where were the Black Lives Matter people? Nowhere to be found... that is, with the exception of New York at a Black Lives Matter "event" rallying around the brutality of police on blacks. [more...]

Blame the Parents, Not the Schools

Parents do not parent anymore; they want to be "friends" with their kids. Thus, their children go out into the world with no understanding of discipline or accountability. The bigger issue is this: a great deal of parents do NOT have a plan or goals like previous generations. You wonder there is such apathy in this country. If the parents don't care, then neither will their kids. Old-fashioned family dinners, family discussions and family time without technology may not be the entire answer, but it's a good start. Blame the parents NOT the schools for all the lack of respect for authority we're seeing today. [more...]

Why Only Donald Trump Can Beat Hillary

We are about to be facing a Clinton war machine so bold, so brazen, so arrogant and so criminal they were willing to trade favors and government contracts awarded by Hillary's State Department for billions of dollars in "donations" (aka bribes) from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation. This is going to be the most vicious, ruthless, no-holds-barred war conservatives have ever seen. There is no level these people won't stoop to in order to retain control of the White House and control of trillions of dollars from patronage handed out to Democrat donors, bundlers and corrupt unions. Trump is our last best chance to save America. There is no plan B. There's only one man vicious and courageous enough to fight back and win against the Clinton war machine. His name is Donald Trump. Here's why... [more...]

The War in Our Schools between Students, Teachers and Administrators
By Howard Comen [Reporting from SC]

The recent assault of a 16-year-old black student by a white resource officer from the Richland County Sheriff's Office in Columbia, South Carolina is the end result of pitched battles raging in our schools for some time. Once upon a time, an unruly child would sit in the principal's office until a parent would come to take him or her home - expelled or suspended. The teacher and school administrator were respected and the law in the classroom. Neither the principal nor the teacher was ever questioned. Rarely was a police officer involved in an incident or even at a school in the first place. Lawsuits or other resistance was unheard of. Discipline was handled in house - usually by the principal, the vice principal, and the teacher within the education system - not law enforcement. Here are the facts as I see them in this case... [more...]

Judaism and Islam as Opposites

It is of some interest to read Jewish historians from time to time, not because we can find truth in them, but in order to gain insight into the psychology of Jews. Here we are concerned with one such case that is highly unique - whenever the Jews happen to discuss Muhammad and Islam, they are exceptionally hostile, indeed hateful. For example, Simon Dubnow, in his General History of the Jewish People describes Muhammad, but does not fail to note that he was not able to read, and then adds the following: [Go here for the complete story...]

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