Wednesday, November 2, 2016

11-3-16 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Crista Huff: Will There Be a Lame Duck Vote on TPP Ratification?
2. Michael Stumo: Rational Nationalism - The Bipartisan Antidote to Globalism's Failures
3. Wayne Allyn Root: Hillary and the White Ford Bronco
4. Daniel Greenfield: Obama’s Secret Muslim List
5. Joseph Klein: How the Clinton Machine is Perverting U.S. Federal Law Enforcement to Shield Hillary

Will There Be a Lame Duck Vote on TPP Ratification?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement is likely to receive a lame duck ratification vote, because the TPP is President Obama’s legacy legislation. He will likely pull out all the stops in order to get it passed in 2016. Many elected officials will tell you that they are against the TPP, or that there will not be a ratification vote during a lame duck session of Congress, but these also happen to be people who are trying to win elections next week - for themselves, and for their allies. They know that American voters are opposed to the TPP, and they are therefore motivated to get voters to relax about the threat of a lame duck vote. Let’s see what Congresspeople and world leaders are saying about the timing of the vote. [more...]

Rational Nationalism - The Bipartisan Antidote to Globalism's Failures

Regardless of who wins the election, I do indeed want to blow up the old stupid trade policy, because it is, well, stupid. The bipartisan nationalist wave roiling our politics is a good opportunity for a reset if we choose the right kind of nationalism.  Sanders channeled the Democratic nationalist wave against trade deals that sell our country out. Clinton was forced to respond by disowning the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trump channeled the Republican nationalist wave and took out all his globalist primary opponents. [more...]

Hillary and the White Ford Bronco

In my book ANGRY WHITE MALE I predicted three significant things: 1) Trump is our Brexit. Pollsters have no way to measure the anger, outrage and volatility of this year's electorate; 2) Trump will win the election - and it may not even be close; and 3) Hillary is the worst candidate in the history of politics. She stands a better chance of winding up in the Big House, than the White House. I wrote the book in May, but it's all falling into place in November. At any minute, I expect to hear that every national TV news network is hosting live coverage of a police car chase. It will feature Hillary riding in the backseat of a white Ford Bronco, driven by Huma, headed for the Mexican border, with hundreds of FBI vans and police cars chasing behind... and, of course, Democrats lining the streets to catch the last glimpse of their former presidential nominee. [more...]

Obama’s Secret Muslim List

Like a warped Islamic version of Santa Claus, Obama had a secret Muslim list. And his people checked it at least twice. The list was of Muslims who were prospects for important jobs and appointments. It included a Muslim who had described Israel as an “Apartheid State,” Iran’s “go-to guy in New York financial circles” and a number of figures linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. It was the ultimate religious test from an administration that had vocally rejected them. [more...]

How the Clinton Machine is Perverting U.S. Federal Law Enforcement to Shield Hillary

The Obama Department of Justice has been corruptly aiding and abetting the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, to escape legal accountability for her actions. From Attorney General Loretta Lynch on down through the Justice Department’s political ranks, the Department has blocked the FBI from searching for the truth and following the evidence of potential criminality to its logical conclusion. Whether it is Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server while serving as Secretary of State or her involvement in the pay-for-play Clinton enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation, the Obama administration is applying a banana republic-style double standard to pervert justice and the rule of law in order to shield her. [more...]

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