Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11-8-16 Election Day Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Brexit-like Victory for Trump
2. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will Clinton Accept a Trump Victory?
3. James Hirsen: Trump Closes the Deal
4. Joe Messina: Al Capone for President?
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Clinton & Trump Rally Their Troops
6. John LeBoutillier: Final Arguments

Brexit-like Victory for Trump

I’m the only national political commentator (and Vegas oddsmaker) who has predicted a Brexit-like election result for Donald Trump since day one. I’ve stuck with my prediction through thick and thin, through derision, through laughter, through polls showing Hillary leading by 13 points, through every “expert” predicting a Hillary landslide up until only two weeks ago. Don’t look now, but I’m about to look very smart. All the ingredients have fallen perfectly into place for “Trexit,” our own version of Brexit starring Donald Trump. [more...]

Will Clinton Accept a Trump Victory?

My Presidential Electoral College forecast indicates a clear and convincing Trump victory. My forecast gives Trump 339 Electoral votes to Clinton’s 199 Electoral votes. I also forecast Trump will win the popular vote with a 5.7% margin over Clinton. Because one Democratic presidential elector in the State of Washington has already stated they will not cast their Electoral vote for Clinton should Clinton carry Washington, Clinton’s total might fall to 198 in the Presidential Electoral College. [more...]

Trump Closes the Deal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the process of delivering his final summation to American voters. Trump’s 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal,” instructs business people on negotiation methods. His writings shed light on the approach that he is currently using in the final days of his presidential run. “Deals are my art form,” Trump writes in the opening line of the book. A major focus in the book is the “win-win” deal, and Trump explains that “deals work best when each side gets something it wants from the other.” What Trump is now demonstrating is a closing argument in the form of a handshake with the American people. [more...]

Al Capone for President?

The FBI took over a year to look at 33,000 e-mails, yet just this past weekend decided that there were no issues with the almost 650 THOUSAND e-mails found on Anthony Weiner’s machine that was used by his wife to receive, store, and print government e-mails?! Mrs. Clinton wants your vote. She has lied about almost everything to cover her illegal and unethical tracks. She has a history and a lifestyle of deceit. Similarly, Al Capone was listed as Chicago’s public enemy number one, but could have been elected mayor by a landslide because Chicagoans loved him. Indeed, he paid for and provided many of the soup kitchens around town. Many didn’t care what he did as long as the kitchens remained open. So maybe a Clinton/Capone ticket would be in order. [more...]

Clinton & Trump Rally Their Troops

Financials markets reacted to the weekend’s news with indexes set for positive gains. Lately, the S&P 500 has been slumping driven by the uncertainty of a tightening presidential race. In general, the markets favor a Democratic victory because of the certainty it comes with. I would not be so comfortable, though. Each candidate is making their final speeches in key battleground states, so be prepared for a surprise on Election Day. Months and months of conversations, debates, scandals and more have brought us to a fork in the road, and Tuesday is decision day for America. If the citizens of our country want change as much as they say they do, then they will vote for the candidate who will truly change our America for the better. [more...]

Final Arguments

Are there things the two campaigns can still do to alter the ultimate outcome tonight? Are the two candidates' final arguments the right ones?  This – and much more – will be discussed by the POLITICAL INSIDERS – live - on Fox News Channel this Sunday evening – at 7:30 PM ET. [more...]

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