Monday, November 7, 2016

Are Clinton’s Legal Issues Finally Over?

Clinton’s legal issues will probably last long past Election Day, whether she loses to Trump, or she is elected president. Even if she is pardoned by Obama before he leaves office, Team Clinton’s legal issues will likely continue.

On Sunday, James Comey hit Congress and the American people with a November surprise. The American voters are already used to October surprises - that’s not new. Comey did give us an October surprise nine days ago. But now:

Comey has added a new word to our political vocabulary, a “November Surprise.”

As if the current political season wasn’t already historic and critical enough, as I have often said in the media and in my book for this presidential election, Great News for America, Comey decided to add some additional drama. Since early summer, Comey delivered a public statement on the Clinton e-mail investigation in July that listed “reckless” and “extremely careless” behavior with regard to Clinton and her staff’s behavior... [more...]

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