Tuesday, August 15, 2017

8-15-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The Real Solution to Charlottesville
2. Lowell Ponte: The Moral & Monetary Arms Race of Modern War
3. Joe Messina: Fake Outrage over Charlottesville
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Oil Futures Decline as OPEC Questions Member Compliance
5. Christine Douglass-Williams: Former UK prosecutor: Muslim Rape Gangs “Profoundly Racist”
6. John LeBoutillier: Is Somebody Else “Locked & Loaded?”

The Real Solution to Charlottesville

Despite disagreement from the left, the real cause of the recent violence in Charlottesville is “identity politics” which is viewing politics, political issues, and political positions from the point of view of distinct and separate groups divided by race, gender, religion, class, or other boundaries. Its roots go back to the earliest days of socialism, fascism and communism. It’s a long-term strategy among many that hope to “divide and conquer” a national identity in an attempt to gain political power. Americans need to reject identity politics and see themselves not as a group member - a lifeless clone - but, rather, as a dynamic individual with the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence. [more...]

The Moral & Monetary Arms Race of Modern War

The threat of foreign war used to unite a nation. A popular theme of Cold War science fiction was that Planet Earth would come together if threatened by aliens from another world. Today, however, the very real threat of nuclear war with Communist North Korea has not slowed the effort by American leftists to make domestic war against President Trump by any means. The confrontation in Charlottesville, Virginia included some misguided idealists but created a violent clash between two kinds of racist collectivist socialists. North Korea’s American ideological comrades foment race, class, and every other kind of hatred they can conjure to effect a coup d’etat against the democratic choice of the people. The radical and media elite know that America will be torn apart if they use gimmicks to remove President Trump. [more...]

Fake Outrage over Charlottesville

The Left is all over President Trump for not immediately and specifically denouncing white supremacists. I guess denouncing violence from both sides is unacceptable? Is there a timeframe? How many days did it take his predecessor to call an incident terrorism when it was evident, as it was in the San Bernardino shooting? Anyone remember? 14 days! It’s astounding that in the middle of the crisis, the only thing the left-wing media can say is, it’s Trump’s fault. Do they realize how that detracts from what’s happening? Do they understand that as they make everything going wrong on the planet his fault that they keep undermining their own credibility? I’m starting to believe in Trump deraignment syndrome! It’s fake rage from the Left. Why? If you are outraged by violence, then you should call out ALL violence and you should hold ALL our elected officials’ feet to the fire, not just the ones you don’t like. [more...]

Oil Futures Decline as OPEC Questions Member Compliance

Oil futures plummeted recently as investors begin to worry about OPEC members’ commitment to output cap agreements. This concern prompted a meeting in Abu Dhabi, among OPEC’s key members, to discuss the issue. Investors eagerly await news from the meeting, as the negations made at the meeting will likely result in significant price fluctuations, and thus heavy trading of crude oil futures. The meeting concerns certain members’ commitment to the output cap agreed upon in late 2016. The pact signed by the UAE and 10 other members specifically decreased the allowable output by signers in an attempt to limit global supply and thus keep oil prices reasonably high. The deal so far has not produced any meaningful effects. [more...]

Former UK prosecutor: Muslim Rape Gangs “Profoundly Racist”

“Racist” is one way of putting it. The Muslim grooming gangs in the UK are Islamic supremacists who view Western infidel women as filth and women who do not cover up as “easy meat.” Jihad Watch recently reported on the revolting words that capture the mindset of Muslim grooming gang members, which are believed to have sexually assaulted up to a million young British girls. [more...]

Is Somebody Else “Locked & Loaded?”

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... We examine President Trump's angry outbursts against North Korea, Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the news media - while "thanking" Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 American diplomats from Russia. What is driving his anger? Is it the two Grand Juries investigating his relationship with Russia? Is it the FBI raid on Paul Manafort's home? Is it Robert Mueller who is “locked and loaded?” [more...]

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