Monday, August 7, 2017

8-7-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. David Horowitz: Why Do Republicans Want to Kill Horses?
2. Christine Douglass-Williams: Muslim Professor at U of C Calls for “intifada” in America
3. Jeff Ferry: Buy American
4. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Charter-Sprint Merger Falls Through
5. Daniel Greenfield: The Last White Democrat President
6. John LeBoutillier: The Noose Tightens

Why Do Republicans Want to Kill Horses?

Republican lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives recently took the politically questionable – and morally objectionable – step of voting to allow horses to once again be slaughtered on American soil for human consumption. It’s a massive power grab by the beef lobby, which would prefer to cull wild horses and burros so public lands can be devoted to livestock-grazing. No one else will rejoice in the heartland at the prospect of being able to chow down on a horse steak or a horse-burger. Most Americans are opposed to hippophagy, the eating of horse flesh. To many Americans in both major political parties, the issue of equine slaughter is on a par with clubbing baby harp seals to death or killing dolphins. And it should be. [more...]

Muslim Professor at U of C Calls for “intifada” in America

It was a matter of time before jihad-minded Muslim leaders in the U.S. started calling for “intifada” (violent uprising) on American soil. It is the result of too much kowtowing by non-Muslim authorities to Islamic supremacists. This brazenness is bound to get much worse, given that there is far too much acceptance today of Palestinian propaganda against Israel, and Palestinian victimology narratives. Even at violence-inciting al-Quds Day rallies, chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” ring out, with no fear of legal consequences. An example of this brazenness came earlier this week when a California mosque defended an imam “who prayed that Allah would ‘annihilate’ Jews.” [more...]

Buy American

Behind the scenes there is growing nationwide support in the political and business worlds for more U.S. spending to go on American-made goods and services. Buying American is important because the federal government, state and local governments, and official agencies between them spend over a trillion dollars a year on goods and services. By buying American-made products, they stimulate domestic industry, create jobs, and help to reduce our huge $500 billion trade deficit. They can also avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes, like rebuilding the San Francisco Bay Bridge with Chinese steel that turned out to be riddled with defects. [more...]

Charter-Sprint Merger Falls Through

Charter Communications just announced that it has no interest in acquiring Sprint, only days after Wall Street announced the proposed deal. This acquisition would have created a new conglomerate under the control of Masayoshi Son, chairman of the Japanese megacompany Softbank, which owns Sprint. Charter said in a statement that they see no reason to cut ties with Verizon, and intend to launch wireless services to cable companies next year. [more...]

The Last White Democrat President

Democrats have three choices in 2020. They can try running a white New England leftist like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren who will appeal to the white college leftist base; they can take a shot at a minority progressive like Deval Patrick or Cory Booker who will bring out the minority vote and the progressives; or they can take a gamble on a general candidate who might still appeal to working class white voters like Joe Biden. Obama’s people are pushing Patrick. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Ethel Gumm, gushes that Patrick is what “my heart desires.” He’s also what the demographic transformation of the Democrats requires. [more...]

The Noose Tightens

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... We examine how Donald Trump's legal and political difficulties have escalated in the past week. From the revelation that Special Counsel Mueller is now using both D.C. and Virginia Grand Juries, to the request for Michael Flynn documents from the White House, Trump's legal difficulties are clearly mounting. So, too, are his political problems as his polling continues to drop and a GOP-led U.S. Senate encircles him with a Sanctions Bill and plans a new law to prevent him from firing Mueller. Indeed, the noose is steadily tightening. [more...]

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