Tuesday, August 29, 2017

8-29-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: The “Fourth Horseman” of the Trumpocalypse
2. Christine Douglass-Williams: Sweden Prepares to Deport Christian Convert to Iran, Hungary Offers Asylum
3. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: The Economic Aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey
4. Jeff Ferry: Why Economists Can’t Connect Free Trade & Low Prices to Economic Growth
5. James Hirsen: Tech Giants Morph into Internet Censors

The “Fourth Horseman” of the Trumpocalypse

Four “horsemen” of the unelected Deep State are aiming to cause a “Trumpocalypse” - a final destruction of Donald Trump’s presidency. Bureaucrats continue illegally leaking classified data or doing investigations to undermine him. The mainstream media continues nonstop character assassination of President Trump. Leftist judges continue to impede his efforts with rulings based on their personal political ideology, rather than the law. If Trump’s economic policies succeed at restoring capitalism by shrinking government taxes and regulations, the resulting prosperity will triumph over these enemies. The President’s deadliest foe is thus in some ways almost as powerful as he is. Oddly, this dangerous “Fourth Horseman” is a white-haired, 71-year-old liberal grandmother named Janet Yellen. [more...]

Sweden Prepares to Deport Christian Convert to Iran, Hungary Offers Asylum

Hungary has offered asylum to Christian convert Aideen Strandsson because the Swedish government plans to deport her to Iran where she could face prison or even the death penalty for apostasy. Even worse, Strandsson states that she was told by Swedish authorities that “it’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian.” It is ironic that Sweden has a reputation as “the world’s humanitarian conscience and a safe haven for refugees” in the face of its rejection and mockery of Strandsson. [more...]

The Economic Aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey

I own a graphics design company in Houston, and know firsthand that Harvey has affected all my employees one way or another, and this holds true for everyone in the surrounding area in Houston. But it is not just Texas that has been affected by Harvey. Across the U.S., people will start to feel the effects of Harvey. Houston is a major hub for oil refinery in the Gulf coast. At least 10 refineries have already been shut down. This means that there will be less gas to meet the demand of Americans, pushing gas prices up. With 22% of oil produced in the Gulf being shut down, we will most likely see a spike of 20 to 80 cents in gas prices in the coming weeks. With continuing effects of Hurricane Harvey to come, we send our love and prayers to Houstonians and everyone in the surrounding area. [more...]

Why Economists Can’t Connect Free Trade & Low Prices to Economic Growth

Economists in the U.S. are overwhelmingly in favor of free trade. But they continue to be frustrated that the public doesn’t buy their arguments. So frustrated are they that last May, one of the leading pro-free-trade think tanks, the Peterson Institute, invited highly respected economist Alan Blinder, now a Princeton professor and former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman, to give a talk on why the public doesn’t buy the free trade gospel. [more...]

Tech Giants Morph into Internet Censors

Monopolistic technology giants are increasingly acquiring massive amounts of control over the manner in which the public is obtaining and communicating information. Interestingly, the Internet companies concurrently seem to have altered in an alarming way their corporate perspective on free expression. In addition to assuming greater and greater power over entertainment content itself, there appears to be an escalating influence that is being exerted in a general sense with regard to what is seen, heard, and read. [more...]

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