Monday, August 21, 2017

Dick Morris: Bannon - A Casualty of the Deep State

Steve Bannon, like Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions before him, is a casualty of the deep state. This entrenched bureaucracy has now succeeded in firing or sidelining the people Trump brought with him to the White House. Now, he must govern with an administration of strangers. Some, like McMaster, are overtly hostile to his program. Others, like John Kelly, are indifferent. But the fire has gone out of the belly of the Trump presidency.

In my new book, ROGUE SPOOKS: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump, I explain how the deep state uses media leaks and group-think to marginalize the president and force him to act against his better judgement. Now Steve Bannon is gone and so is Trump’s compass and guiding star.

Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump

They’re saying President Trump is “unworthy” and “unfit” for the office he fought so hard to win. But who started these rumors? There is one person who knows the underlying causes and the players who are smearing President Trump’s brand, character and Presidency... and who are working diligently to oust him from the White House - Dick Morris. In his new bestselling book, ROGUE SPOOKS, he’ll tell you what Hillary Clinton and Obama have been up to as they quietly make plans to revive the Democrat Party and take down the President in the such a way that Republicans may never recover.

You’ll read about the scheme that has all the elements of a spy novel - how the political establishment Trump threatens is using blackmail, bribes, betrayal, special interests, back channels to Russia, spies, and worse, to bring down the President. In ROGUE SPOOKS, you’ll begin to understand all the reasons this is happening:

·     You’ll learn how Obama, the catalyst, who has not left office quietly, is scheming from his new offices to rebuild his base and keep Obamacare in place;
·     You’ll see clearly who is behind the intelligence coup;
·     You’ll know the details of the damning Dossier (little more than gossip, rumor and innuendo) ... created with a little help from John McCain;
·     You’ll see how the Trump-Putin conflict is being perpetuated by the MSM to revive Hillary for 2020;
·     You’ll learn how the intelligence community is sentencing Trump to death by a thousand leaks;
·     You’ll see how the left is taking over Intel; and
·     How the DNC, the CIA and the FBI have been covertly disseminating a negative wave of bad press and lies about Trump.

The seemingly ubiquitous hatred of President Trump is palpable and is spreading like wildfire throughout the U.S. - not only fueling negative thoughts among voters, but causing even Trump’s most fervent supporters (including his inner circle) to doubt their choice for President. The goal of the ROGUE SPOOKS? To destroy him, humiliate him, and revive the status quo - career politicians who are more like celebrities than public servants dedicated to their constituencies.

In ROGUE SPOOKS, readers will be shocked to learn the truth about all the fake news against President Trump that came from the flawed dossier. You’ll be interested to know how leaks to the media fueled the phony scandals, and how intelligence agencies will try to use the newly appointed special prosecutor to oust President Trump. You will also learn what we can do - specifically - to stop them. 

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