Tuesday, August 22, 2017

8-22-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Why is the MSM Committing Fraud?
2. James Hirsen: Trump Opponents Politicize Kennedy Center Honors
3. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Is the Alt-Right Part of the Alt-Left?
4. Lowell Ponte: Will President Trump Go for Broke?
5. Christine Douglass-Williams: Federal Appointee to Race Relations Board Under Scrutiny for Writings on Islam
6. John LeBoutillier: Coming Apart at the Seams

Why is the MSM Committing Fraud?

America has become a Banana Republic - the kind of place where the media doesn’t report the news; they instead decide what news you should be allowed to hear. The mainstream media determines the headlines. And since 99.9% of the people who run the media are either liberal Democrats, or crony capitalists in bed with the D.C. swamp, they purposely choose headlines to confuse you, distract you, or sadly, outright mislead you. That’s called fraud. [more...]

Trump Opponents Politicize Kennedy Center Honors

One of the unfortunate by-products of the irrational treatment of President Trump by the politically entrenched establishment class, predisposed mainstream media, and Hollywood radical left is a precipitous decline in the respect that has customarily surrounded the office of the presidency. The latest breach of traditional protocol has come from those designated to receive awards at the upcoming Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. President Trump and First Lady Melania would usually be present as prominent members of the audience but have graciously declined to attend, due to threatened boycotts from select adversarial honorees. [more...]

Is the Alt-Right Part of the Alt-Left?

Given the recent violence in Charlottesville with the alt-left battling the alt-right, most people probably think the two factions are separate and distinct extremist groups adamantly opposed to each other. But is that really true? It might surprise you that the two groups could be closely related and maybe even working together to cause certain specific problems for America. Is the alt-right another alt-left group, manufactured to help generate political news and support a leftist agenda? [more...]

Will President Trump Go for Broke?

On Inauguration Day, Donald Trump may have become the richest President in American history. Only seven months later, he may be the poorest – not in personal wealth but in shrinking political capital. But if he stays in office, he could have a huge impact on our politics. He faces an ongoing coup d’etat by the same liberal media that tried to elect Hillary Clinton by giving Trump $2 billion in free airtime to beat Republican primary opponents. This manipulative media now baits him, and he reacts. Three surprising Trump options could change the game, however, and greatly affect your money, investments, and future. [more...]

Federal Appointee to Race Relations Board Under Scrutiny for Writings on Islam

A board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, an arms-length federal government agency with a mandate to combat racial discrimination, is in jeopardy of losing her post over her writings on the controversial website Jihad Watch. Christine Douglass-Williams has been writing for the site almost since she was appointed to the foundation’s board in 2012. But multiple sources have told The Canadian Press that the government is reviewing that appointment in the wake of an essay that appeared on the site in May. The post was based on a visit Douglass-Williams paid to the country alongside Jihad Watch founder and U.S. academic Robert Spencer earlier this year. In it, Douglass-Williams warns that Icelanders are being duped by seemingly moderate Muslims who deceive people into believing they are harmless, and writes that if Muslims truly had nothing to hide, they’d allow police to conduct surveillance in their mosques. [more...]

Coming Apart at the Seams

On the latest edition of REVOLUTION_The Podcast... We discuss the State of the Trump Presidency; post-Charlottesville: his own business councils abandoned Trump; Steve Schwarzman and Carl Icahn - friends of Trump - bailed out on him; Trump then fired Steve Bannon who is certain to wage war from the far right against the Trump Administration, the GOP Congress and Fox News; Trump's poll ratings declined to unprecedented lows for a first-year president. Indeed, the Administration, the Republican Party and the Right are all coming apart at the seams! [more...]

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