Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10-3-17 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Kerry Lutz: Trump Puts Another Nail in the MSM’s Coffin with NFL’s Help
2. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Don’t Glorify the Shooter, Pray for the Victims
3. Lowell Ponte: Taxing Our Patience - Business Taxes are Hidden Taxes on You
4. James Hirsen: Democrat Collusion
5. Daniel Greenfield: Dems Won’t Stand for the Anthem or Moment of Silence

Trump Puts Another Nail in the MSM’s Coffin with NFL’s Help

There’s no disputing that the dying mainstream media is Trump’s sworn enemy. Therefore, it seems reasonable that Trump will go to any extent necessary to vanquish this foe. Tweeting at daybreak, when most reporters are starting to come to grips with the day’s hangover, or trolling them with deliberate minor factual misstatements, which throws them into a frenzy, he never lets up. Trump is this war’s aggressor and he’s totally gotten into their decision loop. Fast forward to sports now being an accepted avenue of social protest/justice. A perfect venue for the nation’s CEO to insert himself and to watch the ensuing carnage spew forth. [more...]

Don’t Glorify the Shooter, Pray for the Victims

The media chooses to dramatize events, like the Las Vegas shootings, showing the shooters face, giving this monster’s 24/7 coverage, and making the body count the lead story. All of these actions by news teams fuel the fire and can end up making the shooter a hero, in their sick mind, which can lead to more mass shootings.  Expert psychoanalysts who study these kinds of behaviors and tragic events have warned the media how to handle the news coverage following an event like this, but of course the media does not listen. Reporters should not glorify that this is the largest mass shooting ever, nor should they provide such details as to give criminals any inside information that they may use in future tragic situations.  Unfortunately, following an event like this, law enforcement expects copycats to respond with more mass shootings, and dramatized media coverage can amplify the reaction of other lone gunmen who want to make a name for themselves by causing terror and destruction. [more...]

Taxing Our Patience - Business Taxes are Hidden Taxes on You

Gary Cohn, the director of President Donald Trump’s White House Economic Council says that he “can’t guarantee” that taxes will not go up for many in the middle class. The lowest marginal tax rate is to rise from 10 to 12 percent... but at what income amount this rate leaps to 25 and 35 percent has not been announced. The New York Times, The Atlantic and other liberal media are already quoting a study by “the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center” that claims the Republican plan would give huge tax breaks to the rich, increase the deficit by $2.4 trillion or more over 10 years, provide only crumbs to the working class, and over time greatly increase taxes on the middle and upper-middle classes. [more...]

Democrat Collusion

The Robert Mueller investigation persists, seemingly in search of some kind of crime that could possibly support the notion that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to deprive Hillary of her presidential destiny. Reportedly, the probe has focused on the social media, particularly the possibility that Facebook advertising sales to Russian entities may lead investigators to uncover some heretofore hidden illegalities. The possibility that founder Mark Zuckerberg and/or other Facebook executives knew about ad purchases from Russian entities and failed to report potential illegal activities to federal authorities has placed the Facebook management directly in the crosshairs of the investigation. The intriguing twist in this story is that the Russians that Mueller has been chasing actually used Facebook ads in late 2015 and early 2016 to promote the group Black Lives Matter, according to CNN. [more...]

Dems Won’t Stand for the Anthem or Moment of Silence

The NFL’s millionaire racists are taking a knee to protest America. But why protest a moment of silence for the victims of the worst mass shooting in this country’s history even if you, like some leftists, think they’re a bunch of “country-music listening, Trump-voting Republicans” who don’t deserve any sympathy? If you can’t stand for the anthem, can’t you at least stand for the innocent victims of a monstrous killer? [more...]

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