Monday, October 9, 2017

10-10-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Wayne Allyn Root: Did Someone Make a Fortune on the Vegas Attack?
2. James Hirsen: Harvey Weinstein - Hollywood’s Open Secret
3. Lowell Ponte: The Democrat Tax Plan - Dishonest Secret Taxes
4. Daniel Greenfield: Iran Deal Sen. Corker Accuses Trump of WWIII
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Now Amazon Wants to Deal Drugs
6. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Trump vs. the Establishment - Who’s Ahead?

Did Someone Make a Fortune on the Vegas Attack?

I’ve argued since the first moments of the Vegas mass murder event that the killer had help... that someone funded, coordinated and planned the attack... and that it had all the hallmarks of a ISIS attack. That doesn’t mean it was. It just means it looks and smelled like one to me. Soon after, ISIS took credit not once, not twice, but three times. ISIS claimed the killer Stephen Paddock converted to Islam... and they even gave him an Islamic name. But here is the most compelling piece of information yet. It appears someone or some group made a fortune betting in advance on the Vegas mass murder. [more...]

Harvey Weinstein - Hollywood’s Open Secret

With the prospect of more sordid details yet to come, the Hollywood left and its favorite political party are feeling the heat. For his part, Weinstein appears to be of the mindset that he can resurrect his image by simply demonstrating his unwavering adherence to the tenets of liberalism. Despite his stature as a movie executive, bought-and-paid-for connections with numerous politicians, and sizable crisis management machine, Weinstein’s effort to be granted the same latitude as Woody Allen or Roman Polanski does not appear to be working. The tactical failure may be occurring, in part, because Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse has a number of high-profile celebrity victims. [more...]

The Democrat Tax Plan - Dishonest Secret Taxes

According to the media, the Republican tax plan would cut taxes for the wealthy and businesses. But, oddly, the media have not honestly told you about the Democrat tax plan, which supposedly is to increase taxes on the rich and companies until they are paying their “fair share,” a term that neither Democrats nor the media ever define. [more...]

Iran Deal Sen. Corker Accuses Trump of WWIII

Yes, the politician who helped make the Iran deal happen really cares about America. And Corker's rhetoric sounds exactly like the stuff coming from the ‘Iran Firsters.’ We mustn't be rash... or there will be WWIII. Which the Iran nuke sellout is doing such a bang-up job of preventing. [more...]

Now Amazon Wants to Deal Drugs

Analysts have been speculating recently that Amazon’s next big move would be pharmaceuticals. A report from Leerink, a boutique investment firm specializing in the health care business, said that Amazon will certainly enter the prescription drug distribution sector in the coming years. Following the report, stock prices for Walgreens and CVS, the major market shareholders in prescription drug dispensing, fell by nearly 5%. The drop continued into Monday as both fell an additional 3%. If Amazon did choose to enter this sector, it would prove to be a considerable threat to its competitors. This has been seen before, most recently with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. Amazon has made great strides so far in the short time since it entered the grocery business and this could be the same for pharmaceuticals. [more...]

Trump vs. the Establishment - Who’s Ahead?

In the ongoing battle between Trump and the establishment, if you missed the tweet storm between President Trump and soon-to-retire Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee, you missed one of the opening battles of the 2018 Congressional elections. There’s no question, President Trump and Sen. Corker’s exchange sheds light on the bigger battle between Trump and the establishment in both parties. [more...]

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