Sunday, October 29, 2017

Black Monday 2017

Black Monday is known historically for the famous October stock market crash in 1987 in which nearly 25% of the market value dropped in one day... as well as being infamous for the original stock market crash on October 28th, 1929. Black Monday, usually in late October, is associated with ominous events, turbulence, and calamities. This month is the 30th anniversary of 1987’s Black Monday disaster. Will Washington experience its own turbulent Black Monday?

I think all the pieces are now in place for an unprecedented political crisis in Washington. In the short run, I’m concerned that many Americans will fear for the nation’s good health. In the long term, I believe America will survive and thrive past Black Monday in Washington 2017. However, I think our long-term outlook is still rock solid, optimistic, and good. [Read more on the Trump-Russian Collusion Investigation; the Clinton-DNC Trump dossier and more...]

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