Monday, October 16, 2017

10-17-17 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Kerry Lutz: More Questions than Answers in the Las Vegas Shooting
2. Wayne Allyn Root: Mandalay Bay a “Gun-Free” Zone?
3. James Hirsen: Harvey Weinstein’s Growing Legal Quagmire
4. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: The New Trump-McConnell Friendship
5. Michelle Seiler-Tucker: Kobe Steel Scandal
6. Stephen Thayer: FBI Says Black Identity Extremists Murder Cops

More Questions than Answers in the Las Vegas Shooting

So far, the FBI and Clark County Sheriff’s office have offered three or more timelines, none of which makes sense. There are many questions being asked and little information that has been provided in response to them. The security guard who was shot during the attack now supposedly has a gag order and missed several television interviews. Another anomaly: around 2015, the story goes, Stephen Paddock won $5 million gambling. For anyone who’s ever been to a casino, unless you’re betting tens of thousands per hand, or hit a mega jackpot, this is virtually impossible. Paddock was a middling gambler, betting $100 per video poker hand. He was quick and could do 200 hands per hour. While he was good at math, in the long haul all he could succeed in doing was losing money (about $200 per hour). It’s quite clear this income had to have come from a source other than video poker payouts. But where? [more...]

Mandalay Bay a “Gun-Free” Zone?

MGM CEO Jim Murren was appointed by Barack Obama to the Homeland Security Council. From that perch, Murren had insider access to the detailed threats aimed at Vegas. What did he do to prepare and adequately safeguard his guests? Several MGM security guards and ex-security guards have called my radio show in recent days. They described MGM’s security as “woefully undertrained and understaffed.” One ex-MGM security guard called to say Murren’s first act in taking over Luxor and Mandalay Bay was to disarm most of the guards and declare MGM hotels “gun-free” zones. Maybe that’s why the shooter chose Mandalay Bay. [more...]

Harvey Weinstein’s Growing Legal Quagmire

The disgraced movie mogul is facing a mounting pile of legal troubles swarming at him from every conceivable direction. More than 20 women have voiced allegations against Weinstein - claims of which include harassment, groping, forced sexual relations, and even rape. The alleged incidents took place over many decades in numerous locales. Most of the alleged victims would not be in a position to sue Weinstein in a civil court, due to the relatively short statutes of limitations governing the former mogul’s alleged torts. However, Weinstein’s legal problems in the civil arena are just the beginning of an expanding legal vortex. He now finds his alleged actions are the subject of investigations by the FBI as well as the New York and London police, while Los Angeles law enforcement is looking into launching a probe of its own. [more...]

The New Trump-McConnell Friendship

A new Trump-McConnell friendship was highlighted in the Rose Garden on Monday. It was a surprise few expected. Clearly, Trump made a big impact on McConnell and energized him. Trump’s tweets and jawboning got to McConnell. The swamp is literally getting a case of vertigo from the swift pace of Trump’s recent actions to overturn the dismal legacy of Obama. The actions on subsidies for health insurance companies and the right for small businesses to create cost-cutting associations to bring down healthcare premiums were part of it.  Trump’s action on the disastrous Iran nuclear deal to not certify Iranian compliance and to push the ball back into Congress for a sanction decision within 60 days added further to the momentum and pressure on McConnell. [more...]

Kobe Steel Scandal

Japan’s Kobe Steel has admitted to falsifying quality data for some of its products for up to a decade. It is said that the corruption has affected up to 500 firms worldwide. Kobe, which is Japan’s third largest steel producer, is now facing considerable financial trouble as the number of potentially affected clients increases. Firms that have had direct and indirect dealings with Kobe Steel are now looking at the products they manufacture to see if they will have to pull back anything they produce. This includes major car manufactures like Toyota, GM, Mozda, and Honda as well as Boeing, the world’s largest manufacturer of passenger jets. [more...]

FBI Says Black Identity Extremists Murder Cops

Black identity extremists are killing law enforcement officers and, according to a new report by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, there is a high likelihood they will continue to do so. And no one in the black community, liberal establishment, or media is condemning the violence against police. Where’s the outrage? We all condemn illegal use of force against blacks and we should all condemn any violence against police officers regardless of the race of the perpetrator. A new FBI report is based on an analysis of incidents by black extremists against police from 2014-2016 and include: [more...]

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