Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10-18-17 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: Lighthizer Confronts “The Swamp”
2. Joe Messina: Hooray for Hollywood - Celebrating Sexual Deviants for Decades
3. Lowell Ponte: The Secret Methods of Progressive Politics
4. Daniel Greenfield: The Fake News Genocide Falls Apart
5. John LeBoutillier: From Teddy to Trump

Lighthizer Confronts “The Swamp”

We have never seen this before. The U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, is being brutally direct with free trade zombies in Congress and the multinational import lobby - “the swamp” - in charting a new pro-American direction on trade. Voters sought a change in trade policy when electing President Trump, but Congress has not changed. Neither have the special interests. Lighthizer faced a conundrum: he had to choose. The unspoken rule in the Washington swamp is that anybody talking about trade must say phrases like “grow export opportunities,” “increase two-way trade,” and “lower tariff barriers.” This shows that you are part of the club. Everybody nods and agrees. It is the conventional wisdom - these things must simply be true and good because everybody says them. The swamp aggressively enforces its dogma; heretics who refuse to follow their data-free theology are dismissed, attacked, ignored, or heckled. [more...]

Hooray for Hollywood - Celebrating Sexual Deviants for Decades

I was thinking on how over the last few weeks, the Hollywood’s true colors are showing. Then I quickly slapped myself back into reality. Hollywood’s colors have been showing for years, but the progressive, self-righteous Hollywoodites would have you believe it’s just a few disgruntled wannabees who are whining. NOT! As the weeks have gone on, it’s dawned on many of us that the Socialist Progressive Democrats run Hollywood. The Hollywood elites are always having $50 thousand per plate dinners while lecturing us about how much they care for the poor and downtrodden. [more...]

The Secret Methods of Progressive Politics

Most people do not know that Barack Obama had a kind of "Office of Thought Control" and team of mind manipulation experts in his White House.  And most know nothing of the sinister techniques Mr. Obama and his Progressive comrades used, and continue to use, to sway us. This is how Progressive politics now works, and it has shocking similarities to Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel of a "benign" but brain-drugged totalitarian future, Brave New World. [more...]

The Fake News Genocide Falls Apart

The Mayor of San Juan recently took a break from her tour of every cable news network on the planet to text an accusation of genocide aimed at President Trump. "WE WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE,” Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz texted. “I ask the United Nations, UNICEF and the world to stand with the people of Puerto Rico and stop the genocide.” The death toll in Puerto Rico currently stands at 48. Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20. As we approach October 20, the death toll from the hurricane is a lot less than the death toll from the deadliest month in Chicago. [more...]

From Teddy to Trump

Who is this “President TR? Who are we talking about here? Is it President Trump? Or President T. R. – Teddy Roosevelt? Because the two biographies loosely track each other – except for the underlying facts of character and personality – let’s examine the stark differences between these two New York POTUSes: [more...]

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