Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3-21-18 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Sally Pipes: Don't Fall for Single-Payer's False Promises
2. Bruce Thornton: The Real Background of Trump's Pick to Lead the CIA
3. Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Hell and Child Abuse
4. Kerry Lutz: Spreading the Wealth Trump Style - Get Ready for More Tax Cuts
5. Carl Schramm - Embarking on an Entrepreneurial Journey?

Don't Fall for Single-Payer's False Promises
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

Support for single-payer health care has reached an all-time high, according to Gallup. Seven in ten Democratic voters -- and one in three Republicans -- favor a government takeover of the health sector. They should be careful what they wish for. Single-payer systems have failed everywhere they've been implemented, from the United Kingdom to Canada. Americans who fall for single-payer's promise of "universal health coverage" at lower cost will instead find themselves facing long waits for subpar care. [more...]

The Real Background of Trump's Pick to Lead the CIA

Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick to succeed Mike Pompeo as head of the CIA, is a thirty-year veteran of the agency, one well respected by intelligence professionals from both parties. If confirmed, she will be the first woman to run our most important security agency. But despite this feminist victory, the Dems are likely to muddy the waters at her confirmation hearings by smearing her with allegations she oversaw “torture” at a black site in Thailand in 2002. Typical of what we can expect is the New York Times editorial titled, “Having a Torturer Lead the CIA,” even as the charge about the black site was shown to be untrue. [more...]

Islamic Hell and Child Abuse

Some would say that after the Islamic Revolution, Iran became an Islamic hell. But it's the idea of Islamic hell that is at issue... and the impact that it had on a young boy. It's another reminder that Islam is a religion of terror in more ways than one, sustaining itself, feeding itself and nurturing its growth on the terror of its people and its enemies. It thrives not on the positive, but on the negative. To see this and more Glazov Gang moments, conversations, interviews and debates, subscribe to its YouTube channel. [more...]

Spreading the Wealth Trump Style - Get Ready for More Tax Cuts

I’m no proponent of runaway government spending and the headlong rush into national insolvency. But, if the government is going to do it anyway, we as citizens should get to hold onto every last red cent, regardless what it might eventually be worth. And, who knows, perhaps the added attention to the deficit will help the Congress to return to fiscal sanity. It’s doubtful, but we always hope for change we can all believe in. Like clockwork, President Trump raised the prospect of more tax cuts during the Republican Congressional Retreat. He recently delivered, promising Phase 2. [more...]

Embarking on an Entrepreneurial Journey?

The entrepreneurial process involves innumerable notions like “starting really early in life” or the necessity of being a “college drop-out,” or even that the whole process requires an actual “written plan” for the idea to flourish. However, neither all successful start-ups are babies of very young entrepreneurs, nor consequences of penned business ideas. “Burn the Business Plan” busts the common myths surrounding the entrepreneurial journey and should be a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs. The book is the outcome of Carl Schramm’s findings while he led the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - an institution supporting entrepreneurship - spending time with many successful as well as aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and business visionaries. [more...]

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