Tuesday, March 27, 2018

3-27-18 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Michael Stumo: Trump’s Measured Response to China’s Economic Aggression is Needed
2. Lowell Ponte: Gunning for Religion
3. James Hirsen: The Celebrities Behind the Anti-Gun March
5. Ron Hosko: Correcting the Washington Post’s Disgusting Narrative about Police Officers and Race
6. Dr. Gerard Lameiro: Will the Republican Party Split in Two?

Trump’s Measured Response to China’s Economic Aggression is Needed

Trump rightly named China a “strategic competitor” in his National Security Strategy. The U.S. Trade Representative stated that China’s entry into the WTO was a mistake. The administration’s National Defense Strategy called out Beijing’s use of predatory economics to coerce neighboring nations. Chinese firms have repeatedly hacked America’s leading companies and stolen proprietary technology to build their economy. U.S. firms are not allowed to sell in China unless they manufacture there. American companies are also required to transfer key technology at coercively low prices — all in exchange for short-term market access. Then, local competitors drive American companies out of the market. According to indictments and other court documents, Chinese companies have stolen proprietary U.S. technology for products including nuclear power generators, solar cells, internet software, and internet hardware. Rather than trade fairly with U.S. suppliers, China has favored its own companies, racking up a $375 billion trade surplus with the United States and setting a new world record bilateral trade imbalance. This is economic aggression. [more...]

Gunning for Religion

Much of what we saw was expected at Saturday’s March for Our Lives protests. The politics and organizers were predictably “left-wing,” and their aim was not so much to safeguard children as to outlaw all non-government guns. But what is most surprising is how many of the protestors attacked the act of offering prayers in the wake of shootings… it was strange to see so many signs specifically aimed at condemning prayer. One such voice was former Attorney General Eric Holder, who called scornfully for radical political action instead of “the usual... prayers.” Holder served under President Barack Obama, who as a candidate in 2008 patronizingly told a fundraiser of wealthy San Franciscans that working class people in flyover country “cling to [their] guns or religion.” Why should we be surprised that the same arrogant elite that plans to confiscate your guns also wants to demean and destroy your religious faith? [more...]

The Celebrities Behind the Anti-Gun March

Lending support to the recent anti-Second Amendment march, which was misleadingly called the “March for Our Lives,” was a sizable roster of Hollywood elites. The participating celebrities, who are routinely shielded 24/7 by their own armed security guards, were among those who were financing and supporting the nationwide protests. The goal in mind was a singular one - to get other people to give up their God-given and constitutionally protected right to defend themselves and their families with firearms. [more...]

Facebook is facing major backlash after reports were made that user data was harvested for political purposes. The New York Times and UK Media reported that more than 50 million profiles were used by Cambridge Analytica, who was working on developing techniques that could be used to influence voters. This began when Cambridge professor, Aleksandr Kogan, harvested user data by having users download an app, "thisisyourdigitallife," through their Facebook accounts. The app offered a personality test, but also gave permission for Kogan to collect user data. This was all allowed under the Facebook terms of use. However, Kogan later presented the data to Cambridge Analytica, without the express consent of Facebook, breaching the social media platform’s terms of use. Facebook became aware of this breach and asked Cambridge Analytica to dispose of the data; but after reports emerged, it became clear that the institution kept some of the data collected by Kogan. [more...]

Correcting the Washington Post’s Disgusting Narrative about Police Officers and Race
By Ron Hosko - President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund/ Fmr. Assistant Director of the FBI

Last week, the Washington Post committed half of an entire page of newsprint to a Wesley Lowery article entitled “Police are still killing black people. Why don’t we notice?” Lowery, as he tends to do, works hard to keep alive the notion that police wantonly hunt and gun down innocent blacks and now his frustration with the lack of attention on the subject is pointed, unsurprisingly, at President Trump. He’s right on some points, including that Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, played regularly into the Post’s preferred theme of abusive and racist policing in America. Yet Lowery gives more, salting his complaints with the wholly misleading dog whistles that presumably help him make his point. He buries three seemingly important names in his article – Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray – each working as triggers that will get his undiscriminating readers nodding in vapid agreement. [more...]

Will the Republican Party Split in Two?

Forcing the Omnibus bill on President Trump and the American people, holding the necessary military expenditures hostage as we face a potential war with North Korea, keeping the funding for Planned Parenthood, refusing to provide money for the border wall and security, and the establishment Republicans essentially passing a Democratic Party spending bill, is a tipping point in American politics. The terrible Omnibus Bill will result in the splitting up of the Republican Party into two new parties – the Conservative Party and the Republican Progressive Party. This profound and historic breakup will take a few years to take place and complete. It now looks inevitable. Read my just released new book, More Great News for America - this is just one of eight bold predictions I make in my new book. [more...]

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