Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg is Making Mistake Number 1 in a PR Disaster: He's Not Showing Up

Zuckerberg is committing one of the main mistakes in handling a PR disaster -- he's not.

Even if he isn't certain yet of all the facts, his next steps, or even how Facebook has determined to proceed, there is still a necessity for him to be seen, heard and above all communicate that he gets the critical nature of the situation. If I were coaching Zuckerberg, I would advise him, or any other CEO facing a PR disaster, to get ahead of the game by doing the following four things: express concern, apologize, commit to finding the facts, and present a next action. [more...]

Karen Leland is an expert on branding and marketing. She works with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs on building stronger personal, business and team brands.

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