Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Dawning of a New Conservative Enlightenment

There’s MORE Great News for America coming - according to Dr. Gerard Lameiro, who has been called by radio and TV hosts across the country “America’s #1 Political Analyst” and the “Nostradamus of Political Elections.” Many will recall that in 2016 Dr. Lameiro accurately predicted in his prescient 2016 book, “Great News for America” a Trump victory while most pollsters and pundits gave Trump almost zero chance of winning the presidential election. In his Electoral College forecast, Dr. Lameiro correctly predicted every state that candidate Trump actually carried in the 2016 election. On November 8th, we all learned that Dr. Lameiro’s Electoral College forecast was right on the money.

Now comes the follow-up to his brilliant “Great News for America” - the highly anticipated MORE Great News for America, Dr. Lameiro’s enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic vision for America. There is one special chapter in particular, which will appeal to those who believe in the foundation of the Judeo-Christian ethic. Lameiro predicts the dawning of a new Conservative Enlightenment that will further extend, strengthen, enhance, and then maintain our new Conservative Era for decades to come. Included in his prediction are the 4 R’s in America’s future:

·     The Return to Faith in God
·     The Renaissance of Reason
·     The Restoration of Education
·      The Rebirth of Morality, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity

These 4 R’s are major, significant, religious and cultural trends. They will play an important role in developing and promoting America’s religious freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom. They will also positively impact life in America on many different levels and in many different ways. Dr. Lameiro forecasts a strong resurgence in faith in God in America; a renewed understanding of reason, logic, and scientific method; the reinvigoration of our education system, eliminating the current wave of leftist indoctrination; and the eventual return to the values that made America great in the first place.

According to Dr. Lameiro, it’s an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive. Rather than lamenting dismal times ahead as many pundits do, he argues persuasively that America has entered a new conservative era. He predicts that there will be a rebirth of morality in government; that we will see a return to more individual freedom; that we will witness peace with other nations as well as peace within America, resulting in a level of economic prosperity greater than ever before seen in the history of the world.

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