Tuesday, October 1, 2019

10-1-19 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Lowell Ponte: America's China Gamble
2. James Hirsen: Clint Eastwood's Latest Film Tells Richard Jewell's Tragic Story
3. Karen Kataline: Why the Swamp is Desperate to Overthrow the most Successful President in Decades
4. Robert Curry: Living in a Post-Truth World
5. Crista Huff: Online Dating is Like Investing

America's China Gamble
Today the People's Republic of China celebrates its 70th birthday as the world's biggest and richest Communist state. In 1972, President Richard Nixon bet America's future on our ability to turn China capitalist before we made it so rich that it could buy a military capable of defeating us. Today many Americans are teaching their children Spanish and their grandchildren Chinese because we may be losing Nixon's gamble. This column looks at how we nearly won, creating a kind of merger with China that one historian called "Chimerica." For a time, Communist China even appeared to be becoming Christian. President Trump's trade negotiations with China will resume after its October birthday party ends. [more...]

Clint Eastwood's Latest Film Tells Richard Jewell's Tragic Story

Like so many of the characters he portrays on the big screen, the Clint Eastwood of real life is an unapologetic iconoclast who refuses to conform to the politically correct ideology of Hollywood. In deciding on the location for his latest film, Clint chose the state of Georgia, ignoring the many calls by celebrity peers to boycott the state because of its passage of life affirming “heartbeat” legislation. The legislative measure prohibits abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Major studios that film in Georgia, including Netflix, Disney, and AMC, have indicated that they may move their productions out of the state. Clint refused to buy into it. His latest cinematic project, “The Ballad of Richard Jewell,” was filmed in Georgia because that happens to be where the real-life events that are portrayed in the movie took place. [more...]

Why the Swamp is Desperate to Overthrow the most Successful President in Decades
By Karen Kataline

The biggest lie of all is that these politicians and un-elected bureaucrats ever
wanted to lower unemployment (minority or otherwise), make us energy independent, increase opportunities for the prosperity of everyday citizens, secure our borders and protect our sovereignty. The fact that President Trump has made these the centerpiece issues of his agenda and even worse, is actually accomplishing these things in record time is the real reason they have been fomenting blind and irrational hatred of him by any means necessary. That has included but hasn’t been limited to spying on him, defaming and framing him. [more...]

Living in a Post-Truth World

Post-truth people in the media were taught that the concept of truth is obsolete. Postmodernism rules on American campuses today, and a core idea of the postmodernists is that claims to truth are meaningless. The post-truth era promises to be a wild ride. For example, in a trial we must swear our testimony will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - but if there is no such thing as truth, what does that oath mean? For that matter, what does it mean for someone to make a promise if there is no truth? Once upon a time, reporters in America at least claimed to be professionally dedicated to finding the truth and reporting the news, but no more. How much of what you hear on CNN or read in the New York Times can you believe? [more...]

Online Dating is Like Investing

In the profile section where it asks you about the most important qualities that you’re looking for in a person, the first word I used was athletic. It’s not that I’m only interested in dating Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rather, it’s because they live to be 100 in my family. I don’t want to fall in love with a somewhat unhealthy person who doesn’t watch their calories, doesn’t exercise, and will probably die when I’m age 70, leaving me without an excellent companion for my 30 remaining years. I want to increase the odds that I will be able to find a wonderful person and enjoy their company for decades to come – not just a decade. [more...]

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