Tuesday, March 17, 2020

3-17-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: Pres. Trump Shows Real Leadership in Coronavirus Response
2. Lowell Ponte: Dems' VP Pick Critical
3. Patrick Wood: Regulatory Gouging Hits First Amendment
4. Laura Loomer: Roseanne Barr Endorses Laura Loomer for Congress
5. Sally Pipes: Coronavirus is Not a Good Argument for 'Medicare For All'

Pres. Trump Shows Real Leadership in Coronavirus Response
By James Hirsen

President Trump’s rough and tumble experience in the business world of Manhattan’s real estate market came into full view in the recent launch of a series of federal actions to combat the spread of COVID-19. Shortly after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus to be a global pandemic, President Trump began a threefold engagement in the battle against the outbreak. He unveiled an innovative plan that brought in the private sector in the form of some of the nation’s largest companies to work alongside government to get our country back on a healthy footing. To allow for the speedy production of coronavirus tests, the Trump administration cut out the red tape and enlisted companies with private labs to effectuate the tests. [more...]

Dems' VP Pick Critical
By Lowell Ponte

Democrats have long portrayed themselves as the political party of minorities, single women, the young, fresh ideas, and Progressives. So why are they offering voters this November a choice between two old white men in their late seventies with worn-out ideas? The Vice Presidential running mate either chooses could be crucial in the 2020 election. Both candidates have "Russian roulette odds" of surviving - roughly one chance in four of dying for Sanders and one in five for Biden in their first presidential term. Whoever each picks as Vice President has a real likelihood of becoming president. [more...]

Regulatory Gouging Hits First Amendment
By Patrick Wood, Founder of Citizens for Free Speech

As America panics over the fear of COVID-19, the Newark Department of Public Safety in New Jersey declared, "Any false reporting of the coronavirus in our city will result in criminal prosecution". The department will determine who is worthy of criminal prosecution and the nature of the speech that is worthy of such penalty. Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued an executive order that banned gatherings over 250 people, including churches, sporting events and rallies, and declared that criminal penalties would apply to any "offenders". Ostensibly, if 251 people got together to protest Inslee's unconstitutional actions, they could all be fined and tossed in jail. Mayor Deborah Frank in Champaign, Illinois, issued an executive order including ordinances that would grant her extraordinary powers... [more...]

Roseanne Barr Endorses Laura Loomer for Congress

Roseanne Barr endorsed Laura Loomer and plans to help fundraise and campaign against Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel in Florida's 21st District congressional race. Loomer said they bonded over the fact that she and Barr were both "de-platformed." Barr tweeted in May 2018 a "joke" where she referred to former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett as "planet of the apes," which led to ABC ending her TV show Roseanne. "Roseanne loved the fact that I put illegal aliens on Nancy Pelosi’s lawn, and that’s one of the reasons she put me on her podcast last year because she thought it was brilliant performance art.” [more...]

Coronavirus is Not a Good Argument for 'Medicare For All'
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

The novel coronavirus has emerged as the latest justification for "Medicare for all." Sen. Bernie Sanders said, "When I talk about healthcare being a human right ... the coronavirus crisis makes that abundantly clear as to why it should be." And last week, left-wing wunderkind Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said of the COVID-19 outbreak, "It absolutely is an argument for 'Medicare for all.'" But countries with socialized medicine are ill-prepared for outbreaks - and have responded poorly when they've been hit by them. [more...]

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