Tuesday, March 24, 2020

3-24-20 Excellent Guests on Coronavirus for Your Show

1. Daniel Greenfield: Coronavirus Communism Comes to California
2. James Hirsen: Hope for a Coronavirus Cure
3. Lowell Ponte: In a Time of Plague
4. Karen Kataline: Bright Spots to the Coronavirus
5. Patrick Wood: Want to Get Banned on Social Media? Just Criticize Vaccines
6. Sally Pipes: Coronavirus Shows Why You Don't Want Price Controls During a Pandemic

Coronavirus Communism Comes to California
By Daniel Greenfield

A few weeks after Californians cast their votes for Bernie Sanders, there are huge lines to buy toilet paper. Toilet paper, like dairy products and cleaning supplies, are limited to two per household. Sanders voters had wanted to live under socialism. And now they have the opportunity to learn what it’s really like. Between the curfews, the shortages, and the absolute government authority, they’re living in the type of system that Sanders and his base have admired when it was far away and safely overseas. [more...]

Hope for a Coronavirus Cure
By James Hirsen

Despite the surreal changes that COVID-19 has thrust upon us, all that we really need now is a hope that towers over fear. This type of hope just may have arrived in the form of a medication that actor-producer Daniel Dae Kim describes as the “secret weapon” that helped him recover from the coronavirus. During the recent treatment of his coronavirus condition, Kim’s own good doctor prescribed him a “drug cocktail” that consisted of the antiviral medicine TamiFlu, a bacterial antibiotic Azithromycin, a lung disease inhaler treatment Glycopyrrolate, and the antimalarial drug Hydroxychloroquine. Taking to his Instagram account, Kim revealed that he did not require any hospitalization and now feels “back to normal.” He is presently displaying “no symptoms” other than a bit of congestion and is crediting the drug Hydroxychloroquine as the stealth remedy that placed him on the path to recovery. [more...]

In a Time of Plague
By Lowell Ponte

Great nations have fallen not only from war but also from plagues of disease, which led to the downfall of ancient Athens, Rome, and Byzantium. Bubonic plague reached Europe via trade along China's "Silk Road" in 1347 and killed 30% to 60% of Europeans. But tough Europeans then had a Baby Boom (like the one we might have 9 months from now) that rebuilt its lost population in only six generations. This plague was a nightmare, but by making surviving workers more valuable, it led to the end of feudal serfdom, individual freedom, and eventually to Enlightenment capitalism and prosperity. I am warning that today's COVID-19 plague could mean the return of feudalism and serfdom, the end of individualism and liberty, and the death of Enlightenment capitalism as all-powerful government expands in its war against this virus. [more...]

Bright Spots to the Coronavirus
By Karen Kataline

The level of government control that is being imposed upon us under the guise of “keeping us safe” has been shocking.  In a matter of days, we have watched as the government has shut down and restricted our movements and our rights. The usual suspects have shamed and demonized their fellow citizens for having doubts and asking questions. Regardless of our opinions about the necessity for these drastic actions, hardships and interruption in our lives are being imposed on us whether we like it or not. Is there a silver lining coming? Here’s what Pollyanna might offer as a list of bright spots that could remain when it’s all over... [more...]

Want to Get Banned on Social Media? Just Criticize Vaccines
By Patrick Wood, Founder of Citizens for Free Speech

The coronavirus pandemic has amped up vaccine makers, scientists and researchers to come up with a new global vaccine that would save the world from its virus-laden self. It's 'all hands on deck' and money is no object - just get it done! In the meantime, the pro-vaccine machine is already laying down a carpet bomb of propaganda to smear anyone and everyone who has something negative to say about vaccines. The smear term, 'anti-vaxxer' is routinely used to portray concerned citizens and parents as kooks who ignorantly stand against all vaccines, without exception. This is not the case, however, with the vast majority of people who are questioning vaccine safety. There are two distinct lines of caution and resistance: [more...]

Coronavirus Shows Why You Don't Want Price Controls During a Pandemic
By Sally Pipes, President & CEO of the Pacific Research Institute

The World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus a global pandemic, with more than 118,000 confirmed cases worldwide. As countries brace for the worst, people around the world are looking to the United States for a drug that can prevent or cure the disease. The world is right to put its hope in American scientists. Our country leads the world in drug development and has the best shot at delivering a rapid medical breakthrough. However, some in Congress seem bent on tearing down our world-class pharmaceutical research infrastructure. They think the government should have the power to set drug prices. But such policies would cripple America's biotech sector, devastate our efforts to fight pandemics and harm patients the world over. [more...]

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