Monday, March 16, 2020

Is a Corona Vaccine the Answer?

By Mary Tocco, Expert on the Dangers of Vaccines

I, like millions, have lost faith and trust in our CDC, FDA and those governmental agencies who have been in charge of our national health. If we honestly and analytically look at the outcomes, we see that 54% of our pediatric population are suffering with chronic illnesses such as asthma, autism, ADD, ADHD, learning problems, diabetes, seizure disorders, neurological issues, depression, suicide and severe gut disorders, that were not prevalent twenty-five to thirty years ago. That is not acceptable, and that is failure.  

In America, even our poor have access to water, food and shelter. They are not starving like those in other third world countries and these illnesses affect the affluent and poor alike. Yet we have more children die the first year of life than 36 other countries and we do more vaccines than all other countries starting at birth! If our form of healthcare and vaccines work, shouldn't our children be amazingly healthy? 

After 40 years of personal investigation and observing the decline in our pediatric population, I believe that our vaccine program and our sickness-care medical model is at the very heart of this health crisis. No other countries mandate 38 to 42 vaccines the first two years of life starting the day children are born. I personally do not trust any government that claims they will have a Corona virus vaccine ready in one year. [more...]

Mary Tocco is an international speaker, author, independent researcher, natural health coach and the Vice President of The Foundation for Pediatric Health. She is considered an expert on the dangers of vaccines. Her new book, Natural Immune Development, A Deeper Understanding of our Immune System, will empower people to avoid the medical trap and encourage our amazing immune system to work as intended.

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