Tuesday, March 3, 2020

3-3-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. Laura Loomer: The Congesswoman Trump Deserves
2. James Hirsen: Democrats and Media Allies Stoke Coronavirus Fears
3. Lowell Ponte: Coronavirus Varies from the Typical Cold Virus
4. Karen Kataline: Dems are Desperately Unhappy that America is Doing So Well
5. Christopher Markowski: Super Tuesday... and more...
6. Daniel Greenfield: Battle of the Corrupt Racists in South Carolina

The Congesswoman Trump Deserves

Laura Loomer, who describes herself as the “most banned woman and censored woman in America,” has found a way to break through her corporate-imposed wall of silence: by running for Congress in President Trump’s backyard. The political stuntwoman is currently in Palm Beach, Florida, and is competing in a GOP primary for Florida’s 21st District. That also happens to be where Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate is located and the president is registered to vote in 2020. And, although Florida’s 21st District is safely Democratic - voters there supported Hillary Clinton over Trump by a 19.5-point margin in 2016 - Loomer has already gained a lot from her longshot bid. She’s relevant again. Winning the race is almost beside the point. [more...]

Democrats and Media Allies Stoke Coronavirus Fears
By James Hirsen

As the saying goes, “If it bleeds it leads.” It has been this way across history for the dominant media of the day. In their endless quest for the most compelling stories, natural disasters, widespread tragedy, political intrigue, criminal conduct, and the like have routinely provided the news and entertainment story fodder. However, today’s times are unlike any that our country has previously experienced. This is mainly due to the fact that the dominant news and entertainment media have undergone a dramatic change in form and substance. The info-tainment industries have actually devolved in a way never anticipated, and unfortunately they have become an apparatus of one political party in particular - the Democratic Party. [more...]

Coronavirus Varies from the Typical Cold Virus
By Lowell Ponte

The common cold is caused by 200 different viruses, each of which can elicit cold symptoms such as slight fever, sneezing, coughing and more that are our body's ways of fighting viral infection. During the coldest part of winter, colds are often triggered by coronaviruses, which typically cause 15 to 20 percent of the million or more colds Americans catch each year. A novel single-stranded RNA coronavirus was first identified in China in December 2019 and officially named after SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) that it was first thought to resemble SARS-CoV-2, called COVID-19. This disease, which has already potentially infected more than 400,000 people on six continents, in 81 percent of victims initially produces relatively mild common cold symptoms like other coronaviruses. But in the elderly or health-compromised, it caused severe respiratory problems and at least 2,800 deaths. [more...]

Lowell Ponte is a veteran science writer and experienced talk radio host. For 15 years he was the Roving Science and Health Editor at READER'S DIGEST Magazine.

Dems are Desperately Unhappy that America is Doing So Well
By Karen Kataline

Democrats must run against Trump’s real and measurable accomplishments to have anything to run on at all. After less than one term, we have seen a dramatic increase in the GDP, wages and employment, enforcing the rule of law, and in the confidence and prosperity of America. All of this has been achieved against the backdrop of Democrats illustrating daily what little regard they have for America and Americans. Who else would openly defend Qasem Soleimani, MS-13 gang members and criminal illegal aliens? Today’s Democrats have repeatedly supported those things that speed the decay of civil society and keep the public angry, frightened and anxious. [more...]

Super Tuesday...and more...
By Christopher Markowski

The latest on my podcast: My take on what is taking place behind the scenes. What the MSM is not telling you. I see two possible scenarios unfolding for the donkeys. Stock market keg party, what does it mean? Robinhood goes down on the biggest point gain day of the year. The assassination of Chris Matthews. Turkey threatens to send 4 million refugees into Europe. [more...]

Battle of the Corrupt Racists in South Carolina
By Daniel Greenfield

Some places have battles between good and evil. Others have battles between competing evils. Joe Biden was able to emerge victorious in South Carolina because of an endorsement by Rep. Jim Clyburn. The third-ranking Democrat in the House, had declared, “I'm trying to create a surge on behalf of Joe Biden." The exit polls showed that Clyburn had delivered. 61% of Democrats said that Clyburn’s endorsement was a factor in their vote. And for a quarter of Democrat voters, it was the biggest factor in their vote. The devil didn’t go down to Georgia. He was from South Carolina. And now Joe’s gotta pay the price. [more...]

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