Monday, March 30, 2020

3-31-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Evelyn Higgins: #AloneTogether
2. James Hirsen: Take Me to Church... Online
3. Karen Kataline: Democrats Have Been Too Quick to Shut Down Cities, States
4. Patrick Wood: The Common Roots of Climate Change and COVID-19 Hysteria
5. Lowell Ponte: 'Plague Profiteer' Vultures
6. John Perazzo: America's Superb, Unappreciated President

By Dr. Evelyn Higgins

While social distancing is our greatest big picture mitigator of COVID-19, we need to be concerned about what the virus is doing to our emotional health and take steps to mitigate adverse effects as much as possible. Let’s face it: this is a marathon not a sprint. Having patients that I’ve been treating with my Neurotransmitter Reset Program utilizing telemedicine in 15 countries and 22 states, I have been able to hear firsthand what was happening in Europe with COVID-19 way before it hit the U.S. Vulnerability of emotional health is also an area that needs mitigation support. Proactive psycho-social support is just as important to combat the invisible enemy. Our vulnerability to COVID-19 includes vulnerability to our brain health and optimal functioning along with its relationship to our physical, emotional and intellectual health.  [more...]

Take Me to Church... Online
By James Hirsen

Our country has a treasure chest of faith traditions that are proving to be invaluable during these trying times in which we now find ourselves. As human beings, we need one another, but we have been forced to remain separate.  Nonetheless, through the isolating experience, we seem to have gained a greater appreciation for loved ones, colleagues, and even would-be friends. While getting in touch with our most basic needs, many of us have discovered that the need to be together in worship is greater than we had ever imagined. Saving grace to the rescue. Although our houses of worship have had to close their physical doors, digital windows the Internet-over have been flung wide open. [more...]

Democrats Have Been Too Quick to Shut Down Cities, States
By Karen Kataline

Wherever they are in authority today, liberals, leftists and progressives don't relish being questioned at all. Even as they shut down our lives, the economy and the country, we are "COVID-19 truthers" if we dare to doubt. With 2020 quickly becoming known as "coronavirus spring," questioning authority is critical not only to our physical health but to our health and survival as a nation. I’ve been wondering whether Democrats were more likely than Republicans to shut down states and cities due to the pandemic. My hunch has been that Democrats are more likely to invoke extraordinary power and force citizens to bend to their will in an emergency - regardless of the facts and risks on the ground. [more...]

The Common Roots of Climate Change and COVID-19 Hysteria
By Patrick Wood, Founder of Citizens for Free Speech

People want to know: just how bad is the COVID-19 virus and is fighting it worth the destruction of the world’s economic and financial system while disrupting the lives of hundreds of millions of people? The story behind the story will make it clear that things are seldom as they seem. In short and when seen through the lens of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, the whole world has just been punked and then panicked into destroying itself over COVID-19. The culprit? A world-class Technocrat in Britain: Dr. Neil Ferguson, PhD is a professor at Imperial College in London that bills itself as a "global university." It is thoroughly steeped in Sustainable Development and more dedicated to social causes than academic achievement. In fact, Imperial is very well-known for its alarmist research reports on climate change, carbon reduction, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, etc. [more...]

'Plague Profiteer' Vultures
By Lowell Ponte

The Democratic Party is changing its national symbol from the jackass to the vulture. It has become the "plague profiteer" party, using coronavirus legislation to force into law hundreds of spending provisions to benefit not the sick or unemployed, but special interests from the abortion factories of Planned Parenthood to illegal aliens to socialist National Public Radio and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (which no sooner received its $25 million extra taxpayer dollars than it fired its orchestra musicians). To get this trillion dollars in Democrat partisan pork, Pelosi took hostage the American population - dying, sick or frightened - and delayed passage of this emergency legislation until she got her way. [more...]

America's Superb, Unappreciated President
By John Perazzo

A close look at what Trump has done to combat the current pandemic - amid constant Democrat assaults

It has been a very long time since Americans last saw such a clear distinction between the considerable leadership qualities of their president, and the shameless political maneuverings of an opposition party constantly lusting for power. Let us review exactly what has happened in this country over the past two months, vis-a-vis the coronavirus pandemic. On January 29, President Donald Trump created a White House Coronavirus Task Force to coordinate the federal government's response to the virus outbreak and to keep the American people as informed about it as possible. At that time, you might recall, congressional Democrats were giving precisely ZERO attention to the coronavirus threat. [more...]

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