Tuesday, June 16, 2020

6-16-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Brigitte Gabriel: Defend the Police - Not Defund Them
2. Karen Kataline: Ennobling Insurgents and Demonizing Those Who Try to Stop Them
3. James Hirsen: America's Land Doesn't Belong to Mobs
4. David Horowitz: BLITZ - Trump Will Smash the Left and Win
5. Dr. Steve Turley: Black Lives Matter Proves the Left is Dead
6. Karen Tiber Leland: How We Can Maintain Productivity in this Crazy World

Defend the Police - Not Defund Them
By Brigitte Gabriel

ACT For America, the nation's premier national security organization with over one million members, has launched the most extensive national campaign mobilizing citizens to speak up in defense of police officers and law enforcement. ACT launched a "Defend the Police - Not Defund Them" campaign with a petition drive directed at local mayors and city council members urging them NOT to defund their police departments but rather stand with law and order to protect their communities. Defunding law enforcement which is our first and last line of defense is not the solution. We should be looking at policies that can be enacted to prevent any form of police brutality against citizens while at the same time helping law enforcement to do their jobs effectively. The radical Left is turning our cities into smoke, ashes and rubble. We need law and order now more than ever and our police need the support of the American people to keep our communities safe. [more…]

Ennobling Insurgents and Demonizing Those Who Try to Stop Them
By Karen Kataline

President Trump tweeted an attack on hoards of people who took over six blocks of downtown Seattle by force. (Isn’t that cultural appropriation?) He called them anarchists and terrorists. What a racist! If only he’d be a uniter instead of a divider. The Seattle Times was appalled and reported that President Trump had accelerated his threats against Seattle. The article painted insurgents with AR-15’s (aren’t they supposed to hate those things?) as victims and Donald Trump, of course, as the perpetrator. With such twists of the truth and propaganda, the Times is helping these criminals get more donations of food and city services from the same people and institutions those criminals rabidly hate. Doesn’t that make the Times, Seattle’s Leftist Mayor and its embarrassing Governor accessories after the fact? [more...]

America's Land Doesn't Belong to Mobs
By James Hirsen

The date is June 8, 2020. The place is a few neighborhood blocks located in Seattle, Washington where an assembled mob cordoned off approximately six blocks of land in the downtown section of the city. No longer wishing to be part of the United States, the group declared that the land it had seized is now a sovereign nation. In the land known as the "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone," Seattle residents are suffering. They are in dire need of help. Reportedly, there is a mafia-style "protection racket" going on, with shakedowns and other criminal activity inflicted on average ordinary people who are unlucky enough to have been swept up in the leftist vortex. Extremist groups who have lassoed the land are engaging in another form of extortion in their submission of a ludicrous list of demands. They are seeking, among other things, the complete removal of police, new trials for convicts of color, the racial segregation of hospitals, and free college tuition. [more...]

BLITZ - Trump Will Smash the Left and Win

Richard Kirk writes: "Were I asked to write a book of around 200 pages of text that details President Trump's major domestic and foreign policy accomplishments, provides compelling information about the Deep State coup against the president, includes little-known aspects of the House impeachment effort, and delves meaningfully into the depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome, I'd say you were asking for the impossible. David Horowitz, however, pulls off this incredible feat and offers readers in Blitz a solid description of Trump achievements while exposing the depths of Deep State treachery and its anti-democratic motivations. Horowitz's detailed compilation of Trump's accomplishments brought together in a short space creates a compelling portrait lost on folks who've been inundated under an avalanche of media-inspired crises." David's new book, Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, is quickly climbing the charts! [more...]

Black Lives Matter Proves the Left is Dead
By Dr. Steve Turley

In the midst of the current woke wave flooding our nation, you might think that anyone even hinting at the suggestion that the left is dead must obviously be delusional. But make no mistake: the rise of Black Lives Matter means the death of the left, and anyone who thinks that recent events have been a victory for liberal activism is the one suffering from delusion. To see what’s really happening in our nation, we first have to understand that the political left is rooted in a philosophical commitment known as modernity. [more...]

How We Can Maintain Productivity in this Crazy World
By Karen Tiber Leland

Is it any wonder we are not as focused and productive as we think we ought to be? What, with the coming presidential election, COVID-19 restrictions, high unemployment, future economic uncertainty, learning to work from home – a new skill for many people, and social unrest? So, what’s the solution to not screwing up our productivity? Here’s the simple advice I follow, myself, and give to clients... [more...]

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