Wednesday, June 24, 2020

C O V I D – 2 0: The Coming Killer Coronavirus

By Dr. Jerome Corsi

The official narrative of governmental health authorities worldwide, parroted by lap-dog government-funded and government-controlled mainstream media worldwide, is that COVID-19 is not a bioweapon created in a laboratory with the intent to kill millions of people across the globe.

What if COVID-19 was a "warm-up" act involving the release of a bioengineered virus that combined an AIDS attack on the immune system with a SARS attack on the lungs. We will demonstrate that with the addition of one more element from the HIV-1 disease pathogen, the AIDS component of COVID-20 will be unstoppable by available anti-viral medications and vaccines.  The resulting COVID-20 will kill quickly, with the AIDS attack knocking out the immune system, such that the body remains defenseless against a SARS attack on the lungs that will progress regardless what medications the patient is given. [more...]

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