Tuesday, June 30, 2020

6-30-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Professor John Ellis Discusses How American Universities Became One-Party Campuses
2. Lawrence W. Reed: Jesus and the Socialist Agenda
3. James Hirsen: Say a Prayer for Hollywood
4. Karen Kataline: Civil Disobedience isn't Just for Gandhi Anymore
5. Dr. Steve Turley: Armed Militia Groups are Surging Across the Nation and Cops are Joining Them
6. Lowell Ponte: The Religion of Black Lives Matter

Professor John Ellis Discusses How American Universities Became One-Party Campuses
By John M. Ellis

Prof. Ellis appeared on Life, Liberty & Levin on Sunday night in an amazing interview that reveals the problems going on in academia today.

What I'm talking about is the fact that the public sees the shout-downs and the near riots with regard to visiting speakers, but it doesn't think about how that could happen. And the reason it happens, of course, is you've got students largely doing it in those cases, but they're taught by radical professors. The real source of the problem is not the shout-downs; the source of the problem is in the classrooms where those kids learn their contempt for ideas that don't fit with what their professors are teaching them. So, you're seeing a superficial symptom. The real problem is way behind the scenes in the classrooms, which the public never sees. John M. Ellis is the author of The Breakdown of HigherEducation: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done. [more...]

Jesus and the Socialist Agenda
By Lawrence W. Reed

As I explain in my new book Was Jesus a Socialist? - Jesus never expressed sympathy for the socialist agenda: political redistribution of wealth, the concentration of power, government ownership of the means of production, central planning of the economy, or a welfare state. He encouraged personal responsibility and charity and never hinted that one can accomplish those things by passing the buck to vote-buying politicians. His "Good Samaritan" was good because he helped a needy man by choice and with his own resources. Socialism is not about consensual arrangements and voluntary participation; it’s about centralized power and compulsion. It's also about the grotesque satisfaction socialists get from controlling others and punishing people they don't like. [more...]

Say a Prayer for Hollywood
By James Hirsen

Hollywood is in deep trouble. Years ago, people used to say to me that it really didn’t matter what folks in Hollywood said or did. No one says that to me anymore. Those of us who are old enough to have witnessed and who fully understand the pivotal role that Hollywood plays in American culture know all too well that Hollywood has completely lost its way. Over the past few decades there has been an intellectual, social, and moral slide in which Hollywood has actively engaged. The result has been more corrosive on our society than anyone could ever have imagined. [more...]

Civil Disobedience isn't Just for Gandhi Anymore
By Karen Kataline

…it's for every one of us if we want to save our country. We are being boxed into a corner figuratively and literally. We are being baited into either fighting back and inviting retaliation or we're bullied into staying quiet. The only thing open to us is civil disobedience. If we don't learn this and learn it fast, it’s heads they win, tails we lose. It’s also time to demand that our elected officials who claim to be in support of law and order start enforcing law and order. It is more obvious than ever how Democrats are marching in lock step to incite, enable or ignore destruction on the road to tyranny. [more...]

Armed Militia Groups are Surging Across the Nation and Cops are Joining Them
By Dr. Steve Turley

Not only are we seeing armed militias surging across the nation, but now cops are joining those militias. The far-left site The Intercept begrudgingly recognized this new bromance between right-wing militia groups and police forces. Indeed, there have been a number of articles reporting on the fact that thousands of both active and retired law enforcement officers have joined militia organizations over the last few years, and we can only imagine that their numbers have swelled in light of their betrayal by left-wing lawmakers who disavowed law enforcement with their calls to 'defund and disband.' [more...]

The Religion of Black Lives Matter
By Lowell Ponte

Black Lives Matter is many, sometimes contradictory, things. It's an affirmation, a "political party" with 62% approval, a "movement" of diverse causes and agendas, and a very lucrative organization. It also has roots in religion. The affirmation that the lives of African-Americans matter has almost universal support across the spectrum from left to right. It fulfills the Judeo-Christian ideal that every life is equal and precious in the eyes of God. This religious ideal has been transforming the United States into a nation of all nations in which the world's people could live together in harmony. But evils remain... [more...]

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