Thursday, June 18, 2020

6-18-20 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Jerome Corsi: The Next Dangers to the Trump Presidency
2. Karen Kataline: Ennobling Insurgents and Demonizing Those Who Try to Stop Them
3. David Horowitz Rejects Claims of "Systemic Racism" in America
4. Lowell Ponte: How Should We Fight Racism? Not with Marxism
5. Daniel Greenfield: Supreme Court Redefines Sex, Threatens Freedom of Religion
6. Patrick Wood: SCOTUS Ruling is Attack on Religious Liberty

The Next Dangers to the Trump Presidency
By Dr. Jerome Corsi

Could "False Flag" Snipers Kill BLM Protesters to Blame White Supremacists? Has COVID-20 Already Broken Out in China?

Two new dangers are emerging in the plot to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. The first is the concern "snipers" will kill Black Lives Matter protesters to place the blame on white supremacists. The second is the emergence of a new more deadly virus that I have described as COVID-20 in China. As author Trevor Loudon has explained, the United States is currently witnessing a wave of "race riots" that are in fact staged events that are scripted to produce disorder in society as part of a radical Maoist objective to destroy the Constitution and transform the United States into a socialist nation. [more...]

Ennobling Insurgents and Demonizing Those Who Try to Stop Them
By Karen Kataline

President Trump tweeted an attack on hoards of people who took over six blocks of downtown Seattle by force. (Isn’t that cultural appropriation?) He called them anarchists and terrorists. What a racist! If only he’d be a uniter instead of a divider. The Seattle Times was appalled and reported that President Trump had accelerated his threats against Seattle. The article painted insurgents with AR-15’s (aren’t they supposed to hate those things?) as victims and Donald Trump, of course, as the perpetrator. With such twists of the truth and propaganda, the Times is helping these criminals get more donations of food and city services from the same people and institutions those criminals rabidly hate. Doesn’t that make the Times, Seattle’s Leftist Mayor and its embarrassing Governor accessories after the fact? [more...]

David Horowitz Rejects Claims of "Systemic Racism" in America

Black Lives Matter exposed as a front for racism, Marxism, and anti-police violence

As calls to "defund the police" and dismantle "systemic racism" reach a fever pitch, conservative author David Horowitz, a longtime critic of America’s alleged race wars, is speaking out against the Left’s attempts to foment racial divide and exploit the crisis to enact their radical political agendas. Horowitz is the author of the just-released book, Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, which documents the civil war Democrats have launched against a duly elected president, and exposes the left’s use of race as a weapon against America’s constitutional framework. [more...]

Rush Limbaugh: I Love David Horowitz, His Book Predicts Trump Landslide

How Should We Fight Racism? Not with Marxism
By Lowell Ponte

How bizarre that these Leftists who have tried to create a black-white war here are Marxists, because Karl Marx was a virulent racist who routinely called blacks the "N" word, and whose co-author of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO Friedrich Engels described as "nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us." Marx described one black man as "the gorilla," and made similarly racist remarks about Jews and Mexicans. It's no wonder that Adolf Hitler credited Marx with helping inspire his own racist and other collectivist views. [more...]

Supreme Court Redefines Sex, Threatens Freedom of Religion
By Daniel Greenfield

Reality itself is under siege in the minds of the men and women who run the country. A Southern Democrat segregationist inserted “sex” into the Civil Rights Act as a poison pill. Rep. Howard Smith had introduced what eventually became Title VII, with a letter which asked, that since there were more women than men, "why the Creator would set up such an imbalance of spinsters, shutting off the 'right' of every female to have a husband of her own, is, of course, known only to nature... but I am sure you will agree that this is a grave injustice to womankind and something the Congress and President Johnson should take immediate steps to correct... especially in this election year." To add to the already hilarious joke, six Supreme Court justices just decided that what the Southern racist really meant by “sex” was gay and transgender because in Washington D.C. no joke is too funny that it can’t be taken seriously as a basis for judicial activism and lawsuits. [more...]

SCOTUS Ruling is Attack on Religious Liberty
By Patrick Wood

The Supreme Court’s June 15 ruling that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applies to transgenderism and sexual orientation provides a harrowing view of the future of religions liberty in the United States. This was a devastating blow to religious organizations and their ability to make hiring and retention decisions based on the tenets of their faith. CFFS, my organization, is dedicated to preserving freedom of speech, but we are equally defensive of all five elements of the First Amendment, and this Supreme Court ruling puts religious liberty in serious jeopardy. [more...]

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