Tuesday, June 23, 2020

6-23-20 Excellent Guests for Your Show

1. James Hirsen: The Church of Woke
2. Karen Kataline: Their Real Motive is to Cancel America
3. Dr. Steve Turley: A Massive Populist Uprising Against the Far Left is Surging Throughout the Nation
4. Patrick Wood: The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing and Contact Tracing
5. Lawrence W. Reed: Wealth and Inequality - Debunking Myths About Socialism
6. Antony Davies: Our COVID-19 Panic Attack Deficit

The Church of Woke
By James Hirsen

At the present time, a newfound spiritual group has assembled together. Members of the group have populated the social media with a creed of sorts, establishing a religion that could aptly be called "The Church of Woke." The fledgling church exhibits attributes of religious institutions that have come before it. However, its belief system is antithetical to the time-honored faiths of our country and of the world. Members of The Church of Woke claim to seek a world in which no inequality exists and everything is paid for without anyone ever having to work. Rather than comparing our nation to other countries, they compare it to the utopia that their religion claims to offer. The Church of Woke is dead set on disparaging, demeaning, and destroying all things related to traditional religious institutions. [more...]

Their Real Motive is to Cancel America
By Karen Kataline

Why is there still an Auschwitz? Shouldn't Jews have demanded that it be erased from history?  Of course not. Those most directly affected by the Holocaust want it to remain as evidence - as proof that those atrocities happened. Yet, "activists" want to erase our history so generations to come might think slavery never happened? Don’t believe it. They aren’t erasing our monuments and our history for the reasons they say. If they are allowed to continue, they will build their own monuments, their own false history of how America was always evil. There will be monuments to Marx and Stalin and perhaps Mao. [more...]

A Massive Populist Uprising Against the Far Left is Surging Throughout the Nation
By Dr. Steve Turley

There is a massive populist uprising that's surging across the country ready to push back the far left. Americans have had it with all the leftwing virtue signaling and mask shaming, which of course was hypocritically discarded the moment a bunch of rioters and looters started destroying our cities and our monuments. Americans have had it, and they are beginning to rebel. [more...]

The Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing and Contact Tracing
By Patrick Wood

In a great suppression of free speech, technocrats working the COVID-19 pandemic are shaming, ridiculing, bullying and marginalizing anyone who questions their pseudo-science and shifting positions. The state-mandated wearing of face masks, social distancing and contact tracing are all unconstitutional and in some cases, illegal. It is highly doubtful that most state and local leaders understand the lack of real and verified science behind their actions and mandates. Nevertheless, they are implementing policies that are destructive to our economic system, harmful to our personal health and ruinous to personal liberty. [more...]

Wealth and Inequality - Debunking Myths About Socialism
By Lawrence W. Reed

When it comes to wealth and inequality, it can be challenging to have a meaningful debate or conversation, especially with somebody that has an opposing point of view. In his new book, Was Jesus a Socialist? economist and historian Lawrence W. Reed debunks misconceptions about capitalism and the free markets with regards to being a follower of Jesus. [more...]

Our COVID-19 Panic Attack Deficit
By Antony Davies

Our COVID-19 panic attack has resulted in 30 million jobs lost, no clear answer for where to get good medical advice, and has pushed us closer to a looming fiscal cliff. Following the largest round of stimulus payments in history, the Congressional Budget Office predicts a nearly $4 trillion deficit for 2020, bringing the federal debt to more than $26 trillion. If we paid $1,000 every second toward the debt, it would take more than 800 years to pay it off. The numbers are so large that even the analogies start to require analogies. And so we have Deficit Day. Antony Davies and his co-author new book, COOPERATION AND COERCION: How Busybodies Became Busybullies and What That Means for Economics and Politics. [more...]

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