Tuesday, June 2, 2020

6-2-20 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Karen Leland: Restarting Your Business During the Crises
2. James Hirsen: What You Need to Know About the Heads of Social Media and Big Tech
3. Karen Kataline: Why Socialists are Threatened by Individuality
4. Dr. Steve Turley: Riots are Red Pilling Americans
5. David Horowitz: The Left Exploits Another Black Victim
6. Lowell Ponte: Can Democrats 'Mail in' Joe Biden's Election?

Restarting Your Business During the Crises
By Karen Leland

COVID-19 and the resulting civil unrest has halted business as we know it. Many small businesses are struggling for their very economic survival. But in an odd way, it has also become an impetus for transforming individual companies and whole industries. There are some significant sea changes occurring that every business that wants to survive and even thrive, needs to prepare for. Face forward. What is your plan? Determining how you will move forward in this time of uncertainty and preparing now for the eventual return to work and business is critical if you want to survive and even thrive. I can tell you how... [more...]

What You Need to Know About the Heads of Social Media and Big Tech
By James Hirsen

Companies with very large social media platforms have been acting as if they merely provide space for third parties to share, when in actuality it is just that, acting. Based on the same premise, they additionally continue to maintain that they should not be held liable for what their users post. Twitter’s decision to fact check in such a high profile and subjective manner stands as a watershed moment in the relationship between government and social media. By fact checking the President of the United States on, of all things, an issue related to potential election fraud, Twitter tossed its identity of being a platform out into the ethersphere. But it also let the cat out of the bag as to its real present status, that of full-fledged publisher. Twitter expressed a political opinion when it engaged in its fact checking. The issue was a mega-politically charged one involving mass mail-in voting and whether such a process is ripe for fraud. [more...]

Why Socialists are Threatened by Individuality
By Karen Kataline

In the freedom-sucking world of socialism, joy is frowned upon and independence is considered to be selfish. The pressure to think collectively and act mindlessly doesn’t just apply to people; it applies to their businesses and everything else they create. As we watch the next wave of attacks on America in the form of riots which threaten innocent people of every race and creed, their safety, their businesses and their freedom, it’s not difficult to recognize the same collectivist stereotypes that are continually reinforced by the propaganda media. The message is that we are all members of a collective, and our guilt or innocence is based on the ethnicity into which we were born or the group to which we belong. That’s a direct attack on the heart and soul of America and the principles on which it was founded. [more...]

Riots are Red Pilling Americans
By Dr. Steve Turley

A new study shows that acts of civil violence and destruction have the effect of making America more conservative. Omar Wasow, an assistant professor at the department of politics at Princeton, recently published a paper concluding that the political effects of riots consistently benefit the political right. Focusing particularly on the race-related riots in the 1960s, Wasow found that, on a county-by-county basis, urban riots resulted in a significant decline in Democratic vote-share in the 1964, 1968, and 1972 presidential elections, the latter two exemplifying a Nixonian law and order backlash that drove a wave of anti-rioter legislation that lasted for decades. This Princeton study corroborates earlier studies that found that there is a clear connection between the perpetration of terrorist acts and an observable increase in support for the political right. [more...]

The Left Exploits Another Black Victim
By David Horowitz

A black man is arrested and murdered in an act of heinous violence while handcuffed and defenseless. Three fellow officers, in close proximity to the killer cop, watch the crime, listen to the black man plea for his life and do nothing to stop it. For the next several days angry mobs tear up American cities, looting stores, burning buildings, police cars and American flags and even killing individuals in their path. The rationale offered for their violence and criminal acts is that they are protesting a racist system - or in Senator Bernie Sanders more colorful words, “a grotesque system of ingrained racism and economic disparity that now more than ever needs to be ripped down.” These attacks on America are what the riots are really about. Sanders’ “grotesque system of ingrained racism” is a leftwing fantasy that fuels the rage of the rioters and their violence, which is directed not only against white Americans but also black Americans whose neighborhoods and shopping centers and businesses Sanders’ comrades are pleased to torch. [more...]

Can Democrats 'Mail in' Joe Biden's Election?
By Lowell Ponte

Despite his many shortcomings, Democrats feel confident that they can elect Joe Biden president this November. Why? Because by pushing to create a tidal wave of mail-in ballots, Democrats believe they can steal the election as they did in California in 2018. For one thing, they are "unionizing" the election. If they can impose nationwide voting by mail, then more than 93 percent of those mail-in ballots would be carried, unsupervised, to the counting place by a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), AFL-CIO, which represents 277,000 active and retired letter carriers. [more...]

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