Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3-19-14 Great Guests for Your Show

1. Dr. Larry Kawa: Can LeBron James and J.Lo's Mom Save Obamacare?
2. Joe Messina: When is the Truth a Lie?
3. Joseph Klein: Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet and Obama Shrinks Away
4. Ryan Mauro: Vindicated for Removing Saddam
5. John LeBoutillier: Missing Flight 370, Florida Elections and Putin's Crimean Campaign

Can LeBron James and J.Lo's Mom Save Obamacare?

It's fourth down with ninety-nine yards to go in the fourth quarter for President Obama and his signature healthcare scheme. For the President, it's time to bring out all of the tricks. There are only two weeks before the end of the enrollment period for Obamacare. That's why he has just thrown a Hail Mary pass to boost the number of young people enrolled in Obamacare. He brought in his celebrity athlete buddies like LeBron James and Magic Johnson, but in an even more desperate move, he's enlisted Jennifer Lopez's mother to sell Obamacare to young people. Now I'm sure that there are a lot of things that young people would buy from J.Lo, but I don't think that Obamacare is one of them. Young people have not been hoodwinked into Obamacare as the administration had anticipated. [more...]

When is the Truth a Lie?

When Harry Reid says so? No, really!  We've heard some of these over and over again. They say it like it's a fact, but it isn't: "You can keep your doctor," "Families will save about $2,400.00 a year," illegal aliens (non-documented immigrants brought to the U.S. against their will) will not be given free health care, "It won't add one dime to the national deficit," "For the price of your cell phone bill a young person will be able to get health care," and, lastly, none of the so-called "loss of insurance" was due to Obamacare. They are all lies. [Some of the lesser-known and rarely remembered lies...]

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet and Obama Shrinks Away

Russian President Vladimir Putin minced no words when on March 18th he signed a treaty with Crimea to signify the absorption of that territory into Russia. Defending the referendum held Sunday in Crimea in which those voting approved the absorption overwhelmingly, Putin declared in a televised address in front of both houses of the Russian parliament and Crimea's purported leaders: "In the hearts and minds of people, Crimea has always been and remains an inseparable part of Russia." [more...]

Vindicated for Removing Saddam

President Bush's top political advisor, Karl Rove, said on July 15 that his biggest mistake was not fighting back against Democrats trying to score cheap political points by accusing the President of lying to get the country to support an invasion of Iraq. Rove is right, but another mistake was made: not trying to vindicate the removal of Saddam Hussein using evidence, including Iraqi government documents, that was obtained after the regime's overthrow. Compelling evidence exists to show that Saddam's regime was sponsoring terrorists (e.g., Al-Qaeda), had the ability to quickly produce weapons of mass destruction, and the will to use both against its enemies. [more...] Watch Ryan on Fox & Friends

Missing Flight 370, Florida Elections and Putin's Crimean Campaign

On this week's POLITICAL INSIDERS, we explored some issues behind the missing Malaysian Air Flight 370, the political ramifications of last week's special congressional election in Florida and the American response to Vladimir Putin's Crimean campaign. Watch our shows here: Sunday Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Monday on the Dot Com. [more...]

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