Thursday, March 6, 2014

3-6-14 Expert Guests for Your Show

1. Dave Bego: UAW Cries Foul at Moment of Reckoning
2. Rabbi D.B. Ganz: The Ukrainian Crisis - Where the Real Tragedy Lies
3. Sandy Botkin: Visa and MasterCard Fraud
4. Kyle Olson: New Union Attack Site: "Visitor uses the information provided herein at his/her own risk!"

UAW Cries Foul at Moment of Reckoning

Friday, February 14, 2014 must have felt more like a "Friday the 13th" to the UAW. An aggressive campaign supported by the powerful I.G. Metall German Union, Volkswagen corporate offices in Germany, and reminiscent of the SEIU’s Death by a Thousand Cuts campaign against my company and our employees, was defeated as Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Reject Auto Workers Union! Facing its day of reckoning, the UAW Asks Labor Board to Weigh New Vote at Tennessee VW Plant. The UAW is crying foul, asserting that comments made by a Tennessee Republican Senator, caused workers to vote against the UAW. Senator Bob Corker publicly stated that the UAW was in "a death spiral," and suggested that Volkswagen would move future work to other plants instead of Chattanooga if the union prevailed. Hypocritically, the UAW made no mention of the fact that on the day of the election, its "Defender in Chief," President Obama, blasted Corker and other local conservatives for "interfering." [more...]

The Ukrainian Crisis - Where the Real Tragedy Lies

The word "tragedy" normally conjures up the thought of something dreadful or deadly that strikes an individual or a group of people. In the case of the Ukrainian crisis, there is an important insight here. Indeed, large scale tragedies are terrible. Even more catastrophic, though, is leadership that does not know how to successfully respond to such events. The Russian occupation of the Crimea is a catastrophic event, a possible harbinger of scary developments that could threaten world peace. Nevertheless, Putin's thuggery could have been immediately stopped by a combined and determined Western counter reaction. However the “no response” of the Western leaders is a far greater tragedy, one from which there is seemingly no escape. More than whatever Putin did, it will go down as the ultimate cause of whatever bloodshed or world mayhem that may ensue as a result of these events. [more...]

Visa and MasterCard Fraud

SCAM ALERT: This one is pretty slick and is the latest scam dealing primarily with Visa and MasterCard fraud. It is slick because they provide you with all the information except the one piece that they really want. It is worth reading, and YOU SHOULD SHARE THIS WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS AND FACEBOOK FRIENDS. NOTE: The real Visa and MasterCard security will NEVER ask for anything on the card as they already know the information since they issued the card. What is remarkable about this is that I just got a call where they used a word-for-word repeat of this scam. In my case, they told me that someone charged $3,097 for a plane ticket to Spain.  Pass this information on and share it with everyone. [more...]

New Union Attack Site: "Visitor uses the information provided herein at his/her own risk!"

Another day, another union attack on school choice. And the purveyors don’t even have the guts to stand behind it!  It comes in the form of a slick new Web site: “Cashing in on Kids,” which apparently is a joint project between the American Federation of Teachers and a group called In the Public Trust. The disclaimer at the bottom seeks to distance the union from any sort of liability for what’s contained on the site. “In the Public Interest and the American Federation of Teachers make no warranties, either express or implied, concerning the information contained on or linked from The visitor uses the information provided herein at his/her own risk,” reads the disclaimer. [more...]

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